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    Took a chance on an eBay Langlitz Cascade

    They have a rack full of jackets in their shop that are back in for a variety of modifications. Guessing that would fall right in line with what they do on a daily basis.
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    Biker jacket

    It's definitely an individual choice to wear what you like. I commute via motorcycle year-round, riding most days unless temps are too close to freezing. I wear a leather riding jacket most of the year and a mesh riding jacket during the summer (and protective overpants year-round). I carry a...
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    Leather Jackets With Ties

    This combo doesn't seem like much of a stretch to me, especially when it comes to civilian style jackets. To be honest, it is far less perplexing than people wearing motorcycle jackets that don't ride motorcycles.
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    Fit check on new-to-me Diamond Dave jacket

    That jacket, and those sleeves in particular, just beg to be on a bike. If a regular motorcycle isn't your style, I too would suggest going for the GROM. That little bike looks like it would be a blast, yet still rather "wife friendly".
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    My New Johnson Leather Opus (pic and narrative heavy)

    Nice job and congratulations. That lining is sure to help keep you warm. Enjoy!
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    Full Grain v. Top Grain

    I would add that the last image you posted is pretty dramatic in that you can really see the lumpiness of the surface. I much prefer the look of the other swatch that you posted as well as my own swatch. I understand that is just my preference and not everyone else will feel the same.
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    Full Grain v. Top Grain

    Beauty is obviously subjective and stating that one thing is more beautiful simply does not make it so. There are only opinions being thrown about in such discussions. Structural integrity on the other hand is something that would be measurable. As far as structural integrity goes, I'm sure...
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    Full Grain v. Top Grain

    It is nice of you to offer, but it is not really necessary. One reason that I took a photo in the first place was to be able to blow it up. My eyes can't make out the difference when unassisted by magnification. Even with magnification the difference is not all that clear. To someone like me...
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    Full Grain v. Top Grain

    Here is a photo that I took of a swatch of brown Chromexcel horsehide leather that was left over from when my jacket was made. I worked the swatch over a bit to see how my jacket might wear with time. I suppose ignorance is bliss as to me it looks quite a bit like the Victory leather shown...
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    Johnson Leathers Custom Jacket - Lots of Pics

    Nice jacket! I know my example will certainly outlast me, and then some.
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    Sourcing your own leather

    :eeek: Or, I have a nice chunk of leather for repairs in case I ever manage to really cause some damage to the jacket.
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    Sourcing your own leather

    Sure. In the first photo you can see the hide that was leftover and sent back to me. More here.
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    Sourcing your own leather

    I don't think Alan is at all insulted by customers sourcing their own hides. I certainly wasn't the first one to do so. Alan was enthusiastic about the project and was obviously happy with the end result. He treated me exactly the same as he did when I purchased my first jacket from him using...
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    Veg v. Chrome Tanning

    More information on Chromexcel from Nick Horween: http://horween.com/101/chromexcel-2/
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    To bi-swing back or not to bi-swing back?

    Intended use certainly comes into play. For example, if you're buying a cafe racer style jacket to actually use while riding, you're either going to want a bi-swing back or plenty of excess material without the bi-swing to accommodate the reach to the handlebars. On the other hand, if you're...
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    Johnson Leathers custom jacket, new photos

    I'm most intrigued by the Forcefield Body Armour sold by Johnson Leathers. Not sure if I'd go with something like the Extreme Harness to go under the jacket, or perhaps just send my Langlitz to them for pocket installation to accept the Forcefield product since I only wear the jacket for riding...
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    Just a few questions from a noob...

    Horweens CXL is combination tanned, meaning that it is first chrome tanned and later vegetable tanned. More info on Chromexcel from Horween.
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    New Johnson Leathers Motorcycle Jacket

    I've got no problems with that Vespizzare. In my case, unless I have a pitch black object next to the jacket, my example looks more or less black. But I get what you are saying. I tend to call it a very "rich looking" black as it is hard to describe how it actually looks in person. The real...
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    New Johnson Leathers Motorcycle Jacket

    That's very interesting Mark. My experience has been just the opposite, but then mine was produced a couple of years ago. After two years of use, my jacket still looks black (it might not be the deepest of blacks, but it still looks like a very rich black in natural lighting pretty much like the...
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    New Johnson Leathers Motorcycle Jacket

    You'll find an example of mine after two years on this thread.

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