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  1. Neilio

    Horsehide front quarter jacket

    I was looking at the sears thread and it looks like some sort of combo of the cossack and the shirling lined, since it's partially quilted partially sheepskin lined.. let me know if you spot the exact model!
  2. Neilio

    Horsehide front quarter jacket

    Curious if anyone has any info regarding this model/maker of jacket. Supposedly from the 1940's.
  3. Neilio

    WANTED: mister freedom continental trousers

    Hey all! Been meaning to create an account for a while but my quest for mister freedom's "le Parisien" continental trousers in any size between 31 and 33 finally gave me a push to do it. I've looked for these everywhere, a member here recently sold a pair in size 34. If you have these pants...
  4. Neilio

    FS: Mister Freedom Sportsman suit

    DM sent

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