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    Hat to large

    Thanks for the response and the welcome.
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    Hat to large

    I have a beautiful gray Akubra Squatter size 63 and I am a size 62. Can this hat be shrunk enough to fit or should I sell it. It is like new, never been worn. I have a Camp Draft and a Fed IV size 62 and they fit perfect. Thanks.
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    How did you start wearing hats?

    I was raised on the farm in the desert of Arizona so we needed shade. Straw hats because they were cooler and they got really dirty. In high school started wearing felt cowboy hats for dress up. About 20 years ago I found a hat in Montana at a fly shop I really liked. Somebody in camp told me...
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    I want to re-block at home: need some help

    Very interesting. He blocked that hat with the sweet band in. I would like to hear the answer to this question also?
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    New Unopened Jiffy J-1 Hat Steamer SOLD

    Sorry I missed that one. Frank is great to do business with. Frank I love the Camp draft I got from you. hhanna
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    Reduction: Silverbelly Campdraft size 62, Moonstone Squatter 63

    I just sent you an e-mail. I am 7 3/4 or 62cm. Thanks. Howard
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    Reduction: Silverbelly Campdraft size 62, Moonstone Squatter 63

    Hi frussell, I would like to take you up on this deal. This is my first post so I have no pm privileges. Can we do this? I have the money and a paypal account. Thanks Howard

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