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  1. Tanker


    No idea. I'll have to call and ask. They called it a deep cleaning and the cigar smell is out so I'm assuming they used a solvent.
  2. Tanker


    Hello All, I got a new (vintage) hat. I found it in an antique mall on Cape Cod and for 15$, it was too good to pass up. The only issue is, it must have been worn by a real old-timer, because the brim adjacent to the sweat band was THICK with hair oil. It had soaked through the bottom of the...
  3. Tanker

    Wide Brim Fedoras

    The ad says 6 1/4! YEAH BABY!
  4. Tanker

    The days when I brawled in the streets may be over, but the day I'm harmless is no longer here.

    The days when I brawled in the streets may be over, but the day I'm harmless is no longer here.
  5. Tanker

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Hello All, My wife and I have finally launched our last failure to launch dependent and we are going on VACTION. This September we are going to London. Now, I've got to decide upon which hat to bring. I'm stuck between my gray Adams Majestic and the black Bowler I picked up. What is the...
  6. Tanker

    Scala New Yorker?

    Took me three trips to Brimfield to find that hat... Thrill of the chase and all, but I'd rather have a hat while looking for a better one.
  7. Tanker

    Scala New Yorker?

    I have a wife, ex-wife, and a teenage daughter. In order to afford a custom hat I'd have to get rid of one of the above. I would prefer to get rid of the ex-wife first (email me, no reasonable offer refused). So, I'm on a budget here. If you are saying that the Scala isn't worth it, I do...
  8. Tanker

    Scala New Yorker?

    Hello All, I was in Boston's North Station and laid my vintage grey fedora down for a moment. "BLINK" And my hat was gone on the next stage of its journey...without me... I now need a replacement. I was looking at the Scala New Yorker, it looks very much like the hat which was liberated...

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