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    Let's see your mechanical watches

    Bulova 1943 A-11 sterling silver case
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    Vintage WW2 Irwin Jacket for daily wear?

    You may be better off buying a reproduction if your going to wear it . There are good manufacturers out there who make accurate irvins.
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    B3 vs B6 Shearling Bomber Jacket Warming Level Difference

    Same here , if the temperature gets down to freezing I need a sweater and T shirt with the B-6. Only need a T shirt with the B-3 as it’s a beast of a jacket but quite heavy. B-6 is light and much more wearable.
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    What do you layer under your leather jacket?

    Pike Brothers C-2 sweater. Thin merino wool , nice and cosy. I wear one under my A-2’s etc in the winter.
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    Aero Leathers D1 - Fit check size 42

    The D-1 is a quite boxy jacket and is designed not to be trim on the body. If more of a fitted look is what your after you would be better off with a B-6
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    Aero Leathers D1 - Fit check size 42

    Thanks,A year or so old but hardly worn.
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    Aero Leathers D1 - Fit check size 42

    This is my Eastman D-1 . I can wear a t shirt and sweater with it.
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    Aero Leathers D1 - Fit check size 42

    Too small, go up a size at least.
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    Pre-war Irvin or AN-J-4, which one to choose??

    Shaw at fivestar leather would make you an ANJ4 for a great price and will make it to your specification.
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    Which Tanker jacket?

    Bronson clothing is well made and good value and they do sell unbadged Tankers.
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    Fit of D-1 Jacket Aero vs Eastman

    Natural chest size is 40.
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    Fit of D-1 Jacket Aero vs Eastman

    Eastman D-1 , size medium, I’m a size 40r.
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    FS: Aero Merino Irvin Battle of Britain model size 42

    So you should , my good man.
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    Other than Eastman, who makes a B2 flying cap?

    Fivestar leather also make these.
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    WWII Tanker Jacket Questions.

    Buzz ricksons or Real mccoys for Hi end or Bronson for budget.
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    Who makes the best B6 jacket?

    +1 for the Eastman.
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    WTB: Pike Brothers B15, Europe, size M

    Bronson make a decent B-15. I'm very happy with mine.
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    That's it, I'm out. The ADS ARE RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just got the Adblock plus app on my iPad , instant no ads.
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    Aero Leather A2 Bronco - need advice on fit

    That’s how Broncos are cut, more roomy than some A-2 contracts. If you want a trimmer original maker jacket from Aeroleather , try their pre war and early war contract jackets.

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