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    Hollowpond's Californian/Surrogates Style Half-Belt

    I am still there. Tough personal times right now, is all. I am back in the offfice intermittently for the next few days before possibly venturing out again. I am trying to chip away at some e-mails and PMs each day, so if you are awaiting a response, I apologize and will get to it soon! Sorry...
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    Hollowpond's Californian/Surrogates Style Half-Belt

    Thank you for that too much coffee, we really appreciate that. (Your screen name reminds me of the Monty Python sketch "Bounder of Adventure" with Mr. Smokes-to-much.....) For us, it is more than just a leather jacket though, as I enjoy the entire customer experience. In a way, when the...
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    Hollowpond's Californian/Surrogates Style Half-Belt

    If I may, I wanted to take a moment to address a few things... To be clear from the start, our jackets are not made to compete with other companies like Vanson, Aero, Schott, Bates, Lewis, Langlitz, Belstaff, etc. These companies – and many others – make amazing jackets; there is no question...
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    oops what have i done to my Highwayman!

    How old is the jacket? The reason I ask is that these jackets break in amazingly and eventually will have all kinds of character. You will wind up replacing panels all the time if every time the jacket is marred you are unhappy. Plus, by replacing the panel, you could risk a mismatch in color...
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    Yet Another New Aero Highwayman

    Mine used to be so stiff it was uncomfortable. I have owned enough FQHH to know that once it breaks in, the Highwayman will be my absolute favorite jacket. When I would sit in my Jeep, the jacket was so stiff that the neck opening would wind up by my ears. The whole jacket just pushed up. I had...
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    Yet Another New Aero Highwayman

    No problem. If you are a House, M.D. fan, you may appreciate Hugh Laurie's jacket. http://www.filmjackets.com/FEATURES/IMAGES/HOUSE2.jpg It was never seen on screen though. The screen used jacket is a Vanson jacket with custom stripes, but I have a lot of hi-resolution pictures from...
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    Yet Another New Aero Highwayman

    I see you added the bi-swing back. Curious though, what made you omit the breast pocket? Another thing that you may find helpful making the jacket comfortable to wear - my highwayman is softer than I ever thought possible - every now and then, zip it up and throw it in the dryer with some...
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    The Truth About Where Your Donated Clothes Go

    We are encouraged to give to charity so that we can claim a deduction on our tax returns too. We all win a little bit. It just sucks that others win more on our clothing than we do.
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    Those Unknown Shows We Discovered Later

    Definitely Don Ameche and Frances Langford as "The Bickersons." Can't get enough.
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    (Updated) Hat report from WDW

    Take the AB. I went to Florida without my hat the first time I went. You will be upset when you get there if you do not. About the only place you will get a hat down there when you realize that you should have brought it after all, will be the theme parks - and you know about those hats. Leave...
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    Hats in the rain

    I wear hats to protect me from the elements. Umbrellas are right up there with manicures for guys. Too prissy. I agree with Sharpetoys. A hat should not be babied.
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    Merged Hatter Thread

    It seems all relative. Wasn't this web forum started as a place to initially go when COW went down so that people could continue to correspond? That is how I remember it, anyways... If the FL was just starting, all with any creedence would be (and were) welcomed, until they proved they were...
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    Think you're man enough to handle a BarnStormer flyboy...? No wimps allowed!!

    Hey Barry - cool jacket! Do you have pictures of you wearing it? That is the real test of a great jacket. One that fits just right and compliments the person wearing it. In the pictures you posted, we see a jacket. When you post pictures where you are wearing it, everyone sees your jacket...
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    Lining for Aero Highwayman

    Kronos77 - Sorry, I missed this. It is not.
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    Lining for Aero Highwayman

    This is the one I got on December 5th and it is too short for my liking. I think this is the only time I posted pictures of this jacket on my forum. Here are more from my archive ;) The jacket would have been alright if it had gone straight across, but as you can see, it suffers from...
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    Lining for Aero Highwayman

    Here is my brown FQHH. I chose the alpaca lining, which I do not find too warm from 60 degrees and less since I wear it open most of the time. I got this jacket on Christmas Day 2005 and it has broken in nicely. The initial bends come easily (like the elbows) but I accelerated my break-in period...
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    50s jackets

    Here is the obligatory Ghost Motor Clothes post, for what they were really wearing in the 50's. (includes 50 years of musty smell in some cases:D You cannot get more authentic than that!)
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    Aero sizes and leather grades

    Grab all the samples you can get. I have the "Jerky" Horsehide Seal Brown (veg-tanned), "Jerky" Horsehide Russet (veg-tanned, Front Quarter Horsehide Black (Chrome tanned), Front Quarter Horsehide "Cherry" (chrome tanned), Front Quarter Horsehide Brown (chrome-tanned), Front Quarter Horsehide...
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    Style-Question: Hat and Leather Jacket?

    My modified Aero Highwayman with a fedora. Do you have the FQHH?
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    My poor boyfriend has a narrow head and looks weird in a fedora.

    This time of year is a great time to stop at Aaron's. There is a ton of stuff to do and many great places to eat and stay overnight. I would suggest planning a ride to North Conway or even head to Lincoln/Franconia Notch area and cut across the Kankamangus Highway (Rte 112) to North Conway and...

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