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    £560 Lewis Leathers Viscount 42 p2p22"

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    £560 Lewis Leathers Viscount 42 p2p22"

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    £560 Lewis Leathers Viscount 42 p2p22"

    Tag 42 with the start of Teacore showing. There are a couple on the bay from Japan around the £1,300 mark, seems like a lot of money to me so thinking lower for a Lounger, this is a stunning model. Riri zips throughout, quilted lining etc. P2p 22 S2s 19 S2c 25 Base C2h 26
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    Can a older men wear a motor( double rider) jacket As a fashion jacket?

    Worn with Crocs (while eating Pizza with confidence)
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    It's about time for a vest thread

    If you haven't already noticed I am di-vesting myself of a few that are now a little big for me. In the Classifieds https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/over-vested-%E2%9A%A0%EF%B8%8F10-off-filson-orvis%E2%9A%A0%EF%B8%8F-and-vanson.112753/, and seeing as you guys love a vest.. PM me quoting...
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    not only, but also... Ricard
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    CW raises an eyebrow and heavy duty hangers quake... Just shy of 10lb Al's (I look grumpy but it's only a heavy moustache... and, I am wearing Crocs.......)
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Doris is wearing..
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    I like the Shires but miss my time over that way. 'West is Best' Gert right Rawky
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    Nice heavy CAL LEATHER cross-zip, 42-44

    Hi, what is the un-cinched waist on it please? Best Al
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    Hi new here. Is wearing a leather jacket basically an invitation for trouble?

    20YO Off-Roaders..... (ya wanna argue...!!!) ROCK! 150YO HH sofa SAGS
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    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    New tash style is grande! Like it
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    Applying Obenauf's Boot Preservative to a leather jacket

    Sounds like the big O works well for you, both leather and mindfully (splitting logs works well for my calmness, I get pretty mellow with a splitting axe..) Personally I avoid any organic fats on my jackets. I know there are views on this. Having a Doctor as a partner gives interesting insight...
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    It's about time for a vest thread

    Always liked that one

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