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  1. Inkstainedwretch

    Vintage Things That Will NOT Disappear In Your Lifetime

    When I was a boy in the early '50s a bank in my small south Texas town had a clock with two faces mounted on its corner. Sometime around the turn of that century a drunk in a bar down the street took umbrage at its tolling and went out into the street and shot it. For a long time I wondered why...
  2. Inkstainedwretch

    Tramp Steamers

    Ships using the Panama canal used to stay in the freshwater lake for a week or two to take the "freshwater cure": in the fresh water the saltwater barnacles would die and fall away from the hull. Much cheaper and more convenient than going into drydock to have the hull scraped.
  3. Inkstainedwretch

    You know you are getting old when:

    Exactly three months older than me: June 25, 1947.
  4. Inkstainedwretch

    Your favorite movie quotes

    Pike: Let's go. Lyle: Why not?
  5. Inkstainedwretch

    Literature that transports you to the Golden Era

    I love the fever-dream novels of James Ellroy set in the '40s and '50s. Populated by psychos, wildly bent cops, movie stars and eccentrics of every stripe. The dialogue is extravagantly racist, sexist and homophobic and perfectly true to the period. What passes for police procedure is totally...
  6. Inkstainedwretch

    Vintage Things That Have Disappeared In Your Lifetime?

    I grew up saying "icebox." That was the word my parents, born in the early '20s, used. I doubt that they ever had or used an electric fridge before the late '40s.
  7. Inkstainedwretch

    Vintage Things That Have Disappeared In Your Lifetime?

    I don't know if it's been mentioned before and I'm not going to go over 349 pages to see, but it occurred to me that I haven't seen a paperweight in use in ages. In summer people used to leave windows open for ventilation. Paperweights were often decorative items and people collect them now. I...
  8. Inkstainedwretch

    Your Most-Often-Consulted Reference Books?

    Magistrates of the Roman Republic, vol. 2. I write a series of mysteries set at the end of the Roman Republic, which is covered in vol. 2. Absolutely essential for letting you know who held what office in which year. Best of all, it says when there is some doubt or not enough information...
  9. Inkstainedwretch

    Vintage Things That Have Disappeared In Your Lifetime?

    Is that the Stockholm that collided with the Andrea Doria, sinking it?
  10. Inkstainedwretch

    The ultimate bad-guys of cinema-history?

    Not to mention laughing like a maniac while running in handcuffs with one foot bare and the other in a high-heeled shoe.
  11. Inkstainedwretch

    The ultimate bad-guys of cinema-history?

    Emilio Fernandez as General Mapache in THE WILD BUNCH. Utterly loathsome. As one critic put it: "His pores ooze alcohol and venom."
  12. Inkstainedwretch

    So trivial, yet it really ticks you off.

    My favorite was Heywood Jablome.
  13. Inkstainedwretch

    military movies with non regulation hair cuts

    To look at the other side--- In movies like "Saving Private Ryan" and many others the Germans are portrayed as having shaved or at very least exceptionally short hair. In reality, look at photographs from WWII. The Germans almost always sport hair noticeably longer than their Allied adversaries...
  14. Inkstainedwretch

    military movies with non regulation hair cuts

    The Warlord is a long neglected masterpiece.
  15. Inkstainedwretch

    The Mandela Effect

    And Johnny Weismuller never said "Me Tarzan, you Jane."
  16. Inkstainedwretch

    Songs That Seem To Touch Your Soul.....

    S&G's "A Bridge Over Troubled Water" always takes me back to my final weeks in Vietnam. But even more for that time is Cat Steven's "Peace Train." I don't know how to post actual recordings here, but these are among the best.
  17. Inkstainedwretch

    Show us your Guns!

    That looks like a Marlin '95. Is it a copy or are there significant differences?
  18. Inkstainedwretch

    Vintage Things That Have Disappeared In Your Lifetime?

    Airmail stamps and separate airmail slots in post offices. I don't know when it happened but they disappeared.
  19. Inkstainedwretch

    Show us your Guns!

    I am renewing my acquaintance with Cascity after a long absence. I dabbled in Cowboy action shooting in past years. My alias there is The Elderly Kid.
  20. Inkstainedwretch

    Show us your Guns!

    Just checked Dixie Gun Works. They say they have the .38 1871 Open Top w/ 5.5" bbl. in stock. Now the struggle with conscience begins.

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