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  1. Robert Miller

    What Are You Reading

    Just received Softwar - a thesis on power projection and the national security implications of Bitcoin. We live in interesting times.
  2. Robert Miller

    What Cap Are You Wearing Today?

    Which Cordova is that? Great hat!
  3. Robert Miller

    Tilley Hats Question

    For lots of sun you'd be better off with a larger brim. As the other poster said, Tilley is not a dress hat, there are large brim Akubra's like the Traveller, Leisure Time, Campdraft, or Fed IV but they will presumably wear a little warmer than a Tilley but will look a lot dressier.
  4. Robert Miller

    Tilley Hats Question

    The Ltm6 would be excellent.
  5. Robert Miller

    Looking for hat information?

    I have 2 Stylemasters and a Leisure Time in a 58, The Stylemasters had to be stretched, the Leisure Time is about right. I ordered a Traveller in a 59 thinking it would shrink to fit until I realized it doesn't have a leather sweatband. If it's too big should I figure on it shrinking or send it...
  6. Robert Miller

    How do folks react to your hat wearing?

    I'm offended by your sensitivity.
  7. Robert Miller

    Ebay Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    I've got the same glass head!

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