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    Ordered Schott buffalo jacket and received cowhide!

    OP, you will not know for sure if you really prefer buffalo hide until you have actually experienced one. As you had intended to do this very thing, I would council you to follow through with your original intent and return the cowhide for the buffalo. If you don't, you will always wonder...
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    Someone talk me out of this green jacket...

    You need this jacket (heck, I need this jacket). You're welcome!
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    9mm or 45cal

    I shoot Glocks well and like them, just not enough to actually ever carry them on duty (and I've been fortunate in that I've never had to). Duty carry is why they make Kimber 1911s (.45 acp) and SIG Sauer P228s (9mm). I used the SIG to gain the Top Gun Shooter award for my class while attending...
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    Covering Embroidery on a Leather Jacket?

    Perhaps you could just take up hunting. I've seen several people attempt to remove or camouflage stitching holes and it really never worked very well.
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    Vanson Model F

    I guess I'm lucky that the Model B style fits me well. I've had no problems, other than the usual stiff-as-all-git-out leather that needs breaking in. I do think a Thedi shawl collar would be a great jacket to have, though. Good luck!
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    Vanson model E

    In my experience, people who have jackets that are a bit on the large side will complain about having a bit of bagginess. People who own jackets that are a bit too small end up not wearing them.....at all. While I don't think you appear to have any "too small issues" by a mile, I think it looks...
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    Aero Fit Jacket issue...

    It looks fine to me and I would keep it, especially so if it will work well with the sidearm choice. The old "she sent me a different model fit jacket, but one that has the same kind of fit" is how Thurston sold me two jackets: the fit jacket, which my wife insisted I keep (well, gee honey...
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    Fringe on an adult leather jacket

    I have a fringed leather jacket but only wear it for some of the Cowboy Action shooting competitions, when I'm doing the Wild Bill Hickok thing. The rest of the time I'm post Civil War lawman. The fringe jacket works pretty well with an 1865 era Mexican twin-loop cross-draw rig, featuring a 3...
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    Fedora Lounge Motorcyclists: Safe Gear with a Vintage Vibe

    I had the blue-and-white jacket on order for quite some time but it never shipped. I would so rock that style......
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    UK Loungers - This snowy jacket weather is great, until...

    Everything is all fun and games 'til a tornado rips half your house off the foundation. Sorry about your car, and your neighbors tree. I'm sure it must have been majestic.
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    Excelled G1 Style Jacket with Patches

    Can't seem to see the images. I get the "please update your Photobucket account" squares, which I believe is aimed at the OP. Anyone know what I can do to be able to view them?
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    Need help ID'ing Harley Davidson Police jacket?

    I purchased a new H-D jacket sometime around 2010 that has all brass zippers. It was out of production and on a sale rack. I've been unable to find it in any catalog, but it is one of the better-made H-D jackets I've ever encountered. I have no idea who the vendor for this jacket is, but they...
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    Going to California!!

    Guys, I'm overwhelmed by all these good suggestions, really. Gonna have to figure out a way to extend my stay. Fanch, do you think we'll be okay in this strange land, we only speak Okie, ya' know..... Nick, my wife says she has been to your uncle's place!!, being a hotdog-on-a-stick kind of a...
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    Going to California!!

    Mike, the OPH sounds right up my alley (so to speak). thanks!!
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    Going to California!!

    Sir, step away from the keyboard and keep your hands visible.......
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    Going to California!!

    Thanks, Scott. Everyone in my neck of the woods keeps telling me that I'm gonna come back with a Michael Jackson "Beat It" jacket. I'll show 'em!
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    Going to California!!

    I will be flying to the Hermosa Beach area for the holiday, having never been to California before. Can any of you folks steer me towards some of "our kind" of stores, so I can lighten my wallet with more very-muchly-needed jackets? The only thing on my agenda at this point is a BIL will be...
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    1950's Filson Rainier Supply Jacket

    Yep, I even have it in that same color. It was on sale for around $50.00, down in the stockyards area. And, as much as I enjoy Filson gear, there still has to be a discernible value to the purchase.
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    Sou'west Chunkies Sweaters

    Sloan, that is a really great-looking sweater.
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    Filson Leather Cruiser - Who will be the first?

    I've got so much Filson stuff I could be a poster boy: hats, gloves, boots and shoes, sweaters, shirts (only the U.S.A. ones) jackets, coats, liners, chaps, hunting gear, rifle cases, and even three or four belts. I just think they took a "swing and a miss" on this jacket and that my money would...

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