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    Vanson C2RN size 38, tried on but never worn

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    Scam Alert

    I agree with the above, I'm new here too although I've been reading articles from this forum for a long time. I have a jacket for sale currently as a new member and I understand why it creates concern. But at some point in any transaction there is a bit of faith involved and hopefully a...
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    Vanson C2RN size 38, tried on but never worn

    BUMP and adding photos. I realize I am new to this forum, sorry to be posting something for sale as my introduction. If you have any concerns please check my EBAY feedback. Thank you TFL! -Greg
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    Vanson C2RN size 38, tried on but never worn

    Hi all, I've been hanging in the shadows for a while on TFL but this is my first time listing something for sale so hopefully I do it correctly. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325086277447 Here is the ebay link to a Vanson C2RN jacket size 38 from Butterscotch LBC that I am putting up for sale. I...
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    WTB- Vanson Daredevil Sz L

    Hi, there is a size L listed on Ebay at the moment. Maybe the seller would be willing to ship. Cheers. -Greg
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    Fine Creek Leon Custom black horsehide size 42

    Happy new year. Is the jacket sold? -G

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