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  1. Momein

    FS: LAER/Snake Oil Provisions Cross Zip Medium

    New price 500€ shipped globally.
  2. Momein

    Double Helix Works?

    The other one was me on instagram. ;) As mentioned I currently like the semi aniline HH leather from nitta a bit more than the the shinki on my rmc j24 and find it equal to my FW mulholland. To be honest the difference in build quality is even bigger. The stitching on my deviant is far more...
  3. Momein

    FS: LAER/Snake Oil Provisions Cross Zip Medium

    FS: Laer/Snake Oil Provisions 1st Version Size Medium Catch & Release - Bought this beautiful jacket from Papalaka: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/fs-laer-snake-oil-provisions-1st-version-size-medium.112327/ Nothing wrong with it, I just bought a DH Deviant which I like better. As I...
  4. Momein

    Double Helix Deviant size 40

    Thank you very much for selling me the beauty, Louis! It was a pleasure working with you. With out a doubt I would do it anytime again and can only recommend you as trustworthy seller.
  5. Momein

    Double Helix Deviant size 40

  6. Momein

    Field Leathers

    @Damon141 - I guess it's your jacket which is currently in the making by Greg. Reminds me a tiny bit on freewheelers speedmaster. ;-)
  7. Momein

    Badalassi Carlo in cognac (Field et al)

    Have you seen the pics from Jeff aka Denim Dentist wearing his Badalassi jacket from Greg: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cxx5GE2LFXN/?img_index=1 ?
  8. Momein

    FS: Schott 519 Size M

  9. Momein

    FS: Schott 519 Size M

    New price 475€
  10. Momein

    Field Leathers

    Greg has just announced on Instagram that as of next Friday he will no longer be taking orders for custom jackets. So if you want a custom design from him, you'd better hurry.
  11. Momein

    FS: Iron Heart IHJ-35 in Size Large / 40

    Sent you a pm.
  12. Momein

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    Just arrived. I'm just amazed and happy by the the great condition of the over 60 years old jacket. :)
  13. Momein

    RMC Buco J24 Size 46 (Old version)

    Thanks for the hint. Backthen when the collar came out, I bought one from a seller in Japan in the same size (42) as my J24 old fit as he assured me it would fit. Guess what, it doesn't. Maybe I should give the collar in size 40 a try. BTW did someone need a collar in 42? I have one to sell.
  14. Momein

    FS: Iron Heart IHJ-35 in Size Large / 40

    New Price 700€
  15. Momein

    FS: Schott 519 Size M

  16. Momein

    ‘Oppenheimer’ is a masterpiece

    Thanks for your reference to the 15/70mm, Aloysius. Without it, I probably wouldn't have watched the film in that format. However, I now saw the film over the weekend at Germany's largest cinema, the Lichtburg in Essen, Germany. What can I say, I am still impressed by this cinematic masterpiece.
  17. Momein

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Looks great! Exactly the jacket I will be getting from Greg in Navy shinki sometime next year. Are you happy with it? I can't tell from your face ;)
  18. Momein

    FS: Schott 519 Size M


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