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  1. puiyc1203

    Freewheelers Centinela & Real Mccoys Buco J-31

    Freewheelers Centinela Deerskin size 44 with Freewheelers Camelback Breeches Real Mccoys Buco J-31 size 40 with Freewheelers Taildragger I am 180cm height, 82kg weight, 103cm chest and 50cm shoulder for your reference Wesco Jobmaster Maryam Horsehide
  2. swixo

    FS Freewheelers Centinela sz:40 NWT

    So as it happens, we make a purchase and the fit isn't right. I love this jacket - but It's just not big enough for me. This jacket is brand-new with Tags attached, unworn except for a try-on. As you can see it is the amazing rude black leather complete with imperfections and luster. I paid...
  3. MemphisBlues

    Freewheelers Deerskin Centinela Sz 44

    You might be wondering, “why would you want to sell that?” Well, this was something of a grail piece for me. I wanted to handle it and couldn’t resist the urge to buy it the moment I saw Mirror Ball, The Rising and Company had it for sale in Japan back in 2018. The deerskin feels amazing...
  4. puiyc1203

    Freewheelers Centinela Rude Black

    I borrowed two Centinela from my friends both of them are size 44, one is 2018, the other is 2019 to clarify, the one I wear mask is 2019 ver, without mask is 2018. the first one is 2019, with back painting of Marilyn Monroe

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