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  1. N

    Mr. Freedom Lawrence Jacket Sunshine Edition Tagged size 40 (fits 42)

    Mr Freedom Lawrence Jacket Sunshine Edition. This jacket is beautiful and garners constant compliments, unfortunately i only have gotten to wear it a handful of times because it is too big for me. These jackets run a bit larger than youd think from their tagged size. Retails at $1495 if you can...
  2. hughesovka

    Aero mouton care

    Hi all, I had an Aero grizzly made last spring, and as such, I haven't had the chance to start really wearing it until recently. My concern is caring for the mouton fur panels, especially the back one, to keep the jacket looking nice for years. How much do I have to baby this thing to prevent...
  3. Jejupe

    FS: Aero Grizzly cowhair panels sz 46

    For sale is my size 46 Aero Grizzly. It's made with Brown Horween CXL horsehide with cowhair panels and Alpaca lining. Usually these are made with mouton panels, so this is some what rare, and in my opnion cooler! All zips work, Slight signs of wear but still far from broken in. Please note...

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