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  1. H

    For Sale: RAF: Battle of Britain Aero Leather Jacket size 40 ($625.00 Shipping included to USA)

    Size 40 Pit to Pit 21.5 inches Shoulder 17.5 inches Back 24.5 Inches Sleeves 23.5 Inches • Perfect Replica of the Mid WW2 Jacket - popularly known as the "Irvin" • Battle of Britain Period Panel Construction • Heavy ¾ Sheepskin • Triple Stitched Leather Taped Seams • Replica RAF Zippers...
  2. J

    Black Friday sheepskin advise

    Hi, Please, share, where would you expect interesting Black Friday offers on sheepskin male jackets? Thanks a lot!
  3. hughesovka

    Sheepskin and roominess for layering

    Hi all, new member here. I've been enjoying reading threads here the past couple of days. I have a question pertaining to my Noble House "Battle of Britain" sheepskin Irvin-style jacket; the jacket fits me well, but the wool on the interior of the jacket is ridiculously thick, to the point where...
  4. J

    Simon Green Early Two Panel Surbiton Irvin.

  5. 7

    Original Irvin RAF flying jacket wanted

    Im looking for an original Irvin in good wearable condition, one that will fit a size 40-42 chest, if anyone is looking to sell theirs let me know! always looking out for other originals also. (A-2, B-3 B-6, m422a, m-444/445, b-10/15) etc. let me know what you have for sale. Thank you!
  6. surthrival

    WTB Irvin in size 40/med. Nothing fancy

    Want an Irvin in size 40 or so. A solid Med. works too. To be worn when motorcycling. Nothing too fancy or nice. Will be going to 11233 in NYC. Plus for an Aviation LeatherCraft with the patch pockets...
  7. Snackson

    Trade ELC Irvin Devon Fleece size 44 for a curlier 44/42

    Hello, I know this is a long shot but you never know! I have a practically new ELC size 44 Irvin in the rare Devon Fleece version. This jacket is slightly too large for me and I prefer the curlier fleece as seen in the link below...
  8. Cameron Hooper

    A plea for help in choosing a sheepskin jacket

    Hi all, I began my quest to buy a sheepskin jacket around half a year ago when I saw a pre-war Irvin in a vintage store. I've always had a thing for sheepskin collars on coats, but when I saw the huge collar on the Irvin and it's overall design, my heart was set. I started researching...
  9. W

    WTB Cirrus B-3/B-6/Irvin

    If anyone has a small (38) Cirrus B-3/B-6/Irvin style flight jacket they would like to sell, please let me know! Thanks!
  10. MattJacket

    Wanted: Quality leather jacket for a small guy! Irvin, B3, B1 etc.

    Hi all, First post so please be gentle with me! I've been reading this forum with great interest. I've also been looking to invest in a quality leather jacket as a daily wearer. I like aviator jackets so I've been looking at Irvin's, B1, B3s, B6s etc. I'm also keen on horse hide jackets...

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