1935 Chicago Mail Order Co. work boots

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    I came across a website http://vintagereveries.com/ some time back through a pin on pintrest while I was looking at pictures of vintage boots. The ad that caught my eye and heart was for their work boots. I love everything about all three variations of these boots they had for sale. I know that the chance of finding a pair of new old stock in my odd size was impossible.
    I have been learning to make shoes by watching videos and reading on various web sites over the past year or so and have collected some vintage soles and lasts.
    I wear a size 7 EEE unless it is built on a Munson Army last then I seem to need a 6 EEE so I have a difficult time getting a pair of shoes that fit me so I decided that I could and would make me a pair of reproduction 1935 mail order work boots in my size.
    I was going to make the triple leather sole but did not have a leather half sole so decided that the biltrite neoprine sole and cat's paw top lift heels even though I am not sue they were available in 1935 and they do not match the ones in the catalogue but I figured it was as close as I was going to get with what was in my drawer of goodies.
    I drew the pattern from looking at the picture as close as I can guess.
    This is lined with pig skin, has a heavy counter in the heel and a hard toe box in the toe to help it say in shape, the shank is steel and I added the two copper rivets in the arch area just because I wanted to take artistic liberty; the nails in the out sole are brass clinch nails the mid sole is held in place with steel clinch nails and cement. I do have a leather sewing machine that I used for the uppers so that made that more fun.
    One thing I noticed is these pull on like a western pull on boot across the arch, I do not know if I got my pattern wrong, but the ad drawing sure looks the same so maybe that is how they are suppose to fit. They are quite secure feeling when I lace them up.

    I am so happy with these I plan on doing another pair some time with the triple sole, I want to make the Army heel plates, the toe plate and also the shovel plate they show in the drawing, that sure looks like it would be super cool.
    here are some pictures of my boots, I just finished them tonight and am quite pleased with them.
    Cliff vintagereveries015.jpg 1935 Boot (3) (Small).jpg

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    I am impressed. Great work.
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