1936 RAF Flying Boots (pics)

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by PADDY, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. PADDY

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    A couple of shots from my grass airstrip out front!! (some call it a garden). These are 1936 issue boots to the Royal Air Force (RAF), often seen in Battle of Britain photos of 1940, but also adopted by some aircrew (notably fighter pilots) of the USAAF when the US later entered the war.
    Leather stitched welted sole, and rubber heel.


  2. "Doc" Devereux

    "Doc" Devereux One Too Many

    Good grief Paddy, those are stunning! Where on Earth did you find them in that condition? I've been thinking about a pair of the Aero copies, but if there's a connection for originals in that state out there, you have to share.
  3. Burma Shave

    Burma Shave One of the Regulars

    Columbia SC
    Very cool

    Love the boots. I think I need to get some!

    I think I've seen a couple of photos of 50s-60s era bikers wearing boots like that, with the sheepskin-lined top folded over to make a sort of upside-down cuff, with jeans tucked in. Now, these would be Brit bikers -- Triumphs and BSAs and whatnot -- so it makes more sense now.

    I always figured they were just a British variant of the engineer boot.

    (I also like your grass landing strip out front. Reminds me of the small alkali desert behind my house -- what some people would call a gravel-and-sand parking area.:) )

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