1971 Brill Bros 7823 D (WP) G1 - Question

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Marv, Feb 8, 2016.

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    I picked up a nice 1971 Brill Bros 7823 D (WP) Black label, dynal collar G1 which has the Conmar/Scovill zipper recently and was wondering what year did the USN switch from goatskin to cowhide.

    From what I could find on the internet which was not a great deal, it seems that this contract was on the cusp of end of the D series and beginning of the E series and has a lighter brown hide than other G1's that I have.

    I have seen photos both 1971 D and E series Brill Bros G1s which look identical plus a 1973 white label Brill Bros looking very similar but couldn't distinguish whether the hide was goat or cow.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated [​IMG]
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    According to the info I found here http://moorecustom.com/jackets/Moore_Jackets_navy.htm the 'D' series was the last to use strictly goatskin. From what I understand, the 'E' series allowed the use of cowhide... I would imagine though, if a manufacturer had a large stock of goatskin, it may have been used.

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    Yes. The specifications for the E-series G-1 allowed the use of embossed cowhide so manufacturers began using both. All D-series and earlier G-1s...including your Brill...are goatskin. E-series G-1s can be either...seemingly at the manufacturers' whim.


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