90s era Schott 125 jacket sz 44

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    I bought this jacket from a local secondhand shop. I’m not wearing it enough, so I thought I would see if I could pass it on. The lining is printed with the Schott logo. There are belt loops, but no belt. The zips and snaps all work. It is tag size 44. $300 PPFF plus shipping in lower 48 states. Sorry, no international shipping.
    P2P 22”
    Shoulders (across the back) 20”
    Sleeve length 26.5” around elbow curve from shoulder seam.
    Back length 25” from collar seam.

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    This one is my favorite daily wearer jackets. I got a fur collar for it as well although I could never get a belt that felt right between the loops and the laces. The leather has a very nice hand. I’ve handled a couple . Whoever gets this is getting a terrific jacket. I’ve posted a few pictures in WJAYWT in the last few months . I like this better than the 118 and 618. GLWS!
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  3. Keith Garrison

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    I am also open to trades on this one.

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