A-2 Flight Jackets on Navy Sub Crewmen in "Crash Dive" (1943) Film?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by damienweaver, Jul 23, 2019.

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    Hi all,

    I've just been watching Crash Dive with Dana Andrews for the first time. Enjoying the film, but I'm puzzled by the crewmen wearing what appear to be private purchase A-2's. Any thoughts?

    Here's a link to the scene on Youtube.
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    I doubt its accurate.. but it still looks good.
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    Along with CRASH DIVE, in 1943 Warner Brothers also put out a like movie. In this case, another movie DESTINATION TOKYO & also centered around a submarine.

    Moreover, I found that the same A-2 jackets used in DESTINATION TOKYO were more than likely left over from the just earlier Warner Bros. released move AIR FORCE. In addition, AIR FORCE was one of the more early movies in response to the onset of WW-2 & filmed by Warner Bros. in 1942.

    A publicity photo from AIR FORCE as seen below.

    A-2 Scully With Half Gusset.jpg

    Since all of those fore mentioned movies were early 40's would have made it exceedingly difficult for the Studios to have sourced true mil spec jackets. But the fact remains that the A-2 was no doubt available to the civilian sector well prior to WW-2.

    I own a same make civilian A-2 jacket as seen in my attachment. The zipper is original to the jacket and a M-39 brass Talon. I know of no WW-2 era mil spec A-2 jackets that utilized that same zipper. However, that same make and model Talon zip was in fact used on some of the preWar W&G M-422 model contract jackets.

    All leading me to believe that my civilian A-2 predates most all WW-2 era mil spec A-2 jackets. Not to mention, upgraded over all mil spec jackets. Note that unlike most civilian model A-2 jackets this civilian model utilized a two panel sleeve that has a gusset. Moreover, it also has an inside pocket. All of which greatly adds to the jacket's utility.

    Which brings up the $64K question, whose WW-2 era A-2 was in fact more accurate and as compared to what?

    Cheers, Dave
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    It's possible. My dad had an A-2 that he won in a troop ship card game on his way to Japan from Iwo Jima. I'd imagine these things had a way of moving around at the time.

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