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A brief moment of silence please. . . .

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by Just Jim, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Just Jim

    Just Jim One of the Regulars

    Long ago, I was in a bike accident. Came out of it with a little road rash, but my favorite little amber-stemmed meerschaum pipe was smashed. I picked up a cheap clay cutty to tide me over til I found a replacement:then I never did replace it.

    It became my go-to pipe, my traveling pipe, my hunting pipe. It traveled the world with me. It became the pipe I reach for when planning changes, mourning losses, remembering the good times--and bad. How it survived as long as it did, wrapped in a goatskin rollup or just dropped in a pocket, is a mystery to me.

    But all things come to an end, and after more than 30 years the stem has finally broken too short to be used. Before I begin the search for an estate pipe to replace my little meerschaum of so long ago, I wanted to acknowledge my old cutty.
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  2. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    Given that clay pipes were, historically, semi-disposable, that's quite a lifetime for it - like a cat reaching thirty!

    If you're looking for a replacement Briar, I would highly recommend a Peterson's. Alternatively, I am reliably informed that the Parker brand pipes are basically Dunhill 'seconds', at a vastly cheaper price - and a lovely smoke. I enjoy the chunky pipes I've acquired from Mr Grog on eBay / etsy - both briar and pearwood. Perhaps for something different you might consider the aluminium-stemmed Falcon pipes, a 1930s American invention now, I believe, made in the UK. Lovely smopkers, robust, and one of the optoins in the range of interchangeable bowls is Meerscham-lined.

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