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a leather conditioner that lists the ingredients

Seb Lucas

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The thing about natural product is that it might appeal to current trends while underperforming. The big risk is that natural products go rancid and destroy stitching. Mink oil does this in my experience. I personally don't privilege natural products over man made and would use Vaseline on leather over this product - as recommended by John Chapman who knows a shed load about leather and jackets.

Remember leather is generally soaked full of chemicals and waxes which is what keeps it strong. Conditioners may protect leather from the elements - like a sunscreen protects skin - but I don't think conditioners restore or improve leather in any way. It just looks that way until the conditioner evaporates and leaves the leather looking tired again.
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Downunder G Man

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Of late I have been using a "Made in Australia" product by R.M. Williams. Leather Conditioner 500ml. $29.99 AUD

"Contains a mix of natural ingredients including beeswax and lanolin"

Prior to that I was using Montana Pitch-Blend containing Pine Pitch, Mink oil and beeswax.
" NO silicones NO preservatives NO artificials "

Hoping my stitches don't rot on the jackets that soaked up all the Montana product before I scored the R.M. Williams !

Apologies if this appears a thread hi-jack !

next time I may indeed try the "Free the powder" product if it's available in Australia
I've been experimenting with 100% pure lanolin for the past couple of weeks and have gotten the best results so far - or more accurately, I've gotten results, period.
This stuff seriously has profound effect on leather, making it noticeably softer. More so than all the other "conditioners" I've used combined.
I don't know if there's any downside to it or if it'll destroy the stitching or not so I won't tell you to use it but I can tell you that it really does soften stiff hide.

I've used it on two pairs of boots and one old jacket and the leather on all three became so much softer that I'm afraid to use it again.

Interesting thing is, even though it's greasier and waxier than even Pecard, leather soaks it all up within a day and it barely leaves any residue at all. Never had such luck with Pecard, which would just sit there for weeks.
Another good thing is that it doesn't affect the appearance of leather.

So I dunno... Can't say if it works on all leather or not or if it'll work for you at all but so far, I'm really impressed.