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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Viola, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Viola

    Viola Call Me a Cab

    NSW, AUS
    Hi everyone.

    My younger brother will be turning 18 in November. He's just started getting into vintage style...and he has put a fedora on his wish list. :eusa_clap

    I wish to help him on his way. Now, my budget is tragically tight, and he's juuuussssst starting out (i.e. looking for khakis that fit and maybe a suit) so this will be his very first non-cap hat.

    Now, stingies are verboten as baby bro has, frankly, a great big head and huge shoulders, so all we know is we're definitely looking for a wide brim fedora. What color is most versatile? What should I look for in the $50.00 and under range?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. For me, at least, brown is the most versatile color, unless your brother is into goth. Only problem is, brown spells "Indiana Jones wannabe" to many. If your brother isn't into Indiana Jones, this won't be good for him.

    Maybe a medium or lighter tan? Then again, that won't go with grey or black. :( Sorry I can't be of more help!

  3. take 'im to a hat store and have him try various styles to find out which suits him best. I wish i'd done this when i was starting out.

    Then you can begin looking for vintage (big head, decent condition under $50, hmmmm) in similar styles ...

    Colour is a very personal thing. I wouldn't like to comment too far down that track ...


    DOUGLAS My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I agree with BK about trying on hats at stores. With $50.00 he should be able to find a great vintage hat in any color he wishes.
  5. Shaul-Ike Cohen

    Shaul-Ike Cohen One Too Many

    Man's first hat? Tight budget? And he's Jewish, right? So, how about one o' those -


    (just kidding, just kidding;) )
  6. Viola

    Viola Call Me a Cab

    NSW, AUS
    Kippot, he's got.:p

    What's with the strings in that pic? Are they tying them on? Everyone I've ever met has been content with a bobby pin at most.

    Oh fine I'll take him to a store. I was hoping to surprise him. Fiiiiine. Thanks for your help you guys.

  7. Shaul-Ike Cohen

    Shaul-Ike Cohen One Too Many

    It's for babies. No joke. I mean, it is a joke, but they don't mean it.
  8. I though that (male) babies had their "little hats" taken away from them. Snip! Snip! WAAAHH!!

  9. Viola

    Viola Call Me a Cab

    NSW, AUS
    Hehehe. Tied on baby kippot. Ha.

    I had a lacy one (for girls, see) with velcro in it for my bat miztvah. Silly thing. A nice hat would have been better and kept the cantor from messing with my braid as he thought was quite funny.
  10. feltfan

    feltfan My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Oakland, CA, USA
    If he doesn't want a stingy brim and he likes vintage,
    why not get him a vintage fedora with a 2 1/2 to 2 3/4" brim
    in grey or brown? Look on eBay for a clean one of those
    dimensions in his size and stick to these makes:

    Stetson (brown leather sweat band for vintage)
    Borsalino (make sure the lining isn't shiny and the name
    is not on the bow of the hat band- that is, older than 1980)
    (I could go on, but that's a good start and some
    generally reliable names)

    You really can't go too far wrong with a wide brim fedora in
    brown or grey from a good company of the old days. If you
    are considering something, use the PM to ask someone who
    posts a lot in the hat section what they think of a particular
    auction. Don't post the auction.
  11. Aerol

    Aerol A-List Customer

    Chicago, IL
    important item

    The single most important tool in selecting a hat is......a mirror. If it doesn't fit his head/face/shoulders it just won't work and he'll never wear it.

    So make his present a field trip to a good hat store. I don't know any in Philadelphia, but Bencraft in Brooklyn is only an hour or so away. It's better to go overbudget on a hat he'll use and treasure than save a buck and waste $50.
  12. shoeshineboy

    shoeshineboy Practically Family

    s/e missouri
    tell us what size he is....

    I have a friend in the auction business, that brought me in two stingy brims..one was in excellent shape and the other was in good shape...

    Let's say you would have money left over, if you had bought both of these...

    You never know what my buddy will find...

    mark the shoeshine boy
  13. ideaguy

    ideaguy One Too Many

    Western Massachusetts
    My 2 cents- his complexion, color of eyes, facial hair or not, whether he holds his head up,and looks you right in the eye,or, tends to shyness, and would hide a bit under the hat- lotsa psychological baggage attatched to clothing, and add age,need for acceptance, the current fashion, and you've got more factors than Max...I try to go for a silverbelly, or taupe, or greenish-grey-something that with the exception of the silverbelly will change with the light-he's going to be in daylight, incandescent, and flourescent lighting, all of which change colors of a hat quite a bit, so have a hat that will change with the lighting. Best advice is above-bring him to a store, well dressed, and let him have at it-reminding him that the toughest mugs and the ones that got the girl all wore REAL hats, and wearing one will instantly give him a couple years worth of worldliness...and be prepared to mention any State except Indiana- he's trying to be his own guy,yes? all that is still only 2 cents. good luck, and keep asking these guys, they're a nice enough bunch that know lots about hats & life...M
  14. epic610

    epic610 One of the Regulars

    suburban philadelphia

    i would just call one of the vendors on this site. Bencraft Hats is in brooklyn and you will get delivery in a day ...two at most. they are very helpful in answering the questions you pose.

    plus, they will let you exchange if not fully satisfied.

    good luck.
  15. analogist

    analogist One of the Regulars

    New York

    Should you be able to make it to the Big Apple, Bencraft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn might be the ideal place to go. In addition to great service, there is an entire large wall filled with NEW old stock, closeouts, discontinued models, etc. by some top makers. All are fur felt and all are $50.00. I got some really nice older stetsons, dobbs, huckels and habigs there in a variety of colors.

    It's a great neighborhood with a fantastic mix of Hasidim and hipsters and is sort of a cross between Old World Eastern Europe and Modern Rive Gauche.

    It's worth the trip!

  16. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky One Too Many

    SHUFFLED off to...
    Did you hear about the Rabbi that didn't charge for a bris?

    He only took tips!

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