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Discussion in 'The Front Parlor' started by Lola Valentine, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Lola Valentine

    Lola Valentine One of the Regulars

    Edinburgh, Scotland
    There are many posts in the lounge talking about the lack of chivalry or manners of today's society, so I thought I'd take a moment to tell you ladies an inspiring story.

    Yesterday, I had an appointment in a part of the city which I'm unfamiliar with. I'd printed off the directions, drove to the general area, parked my car & started to wander around completely at a loss as to where I was going. This continued for about 45 minutes, when a young soldier approached me & asked if I was ok. I told him I was lost, and even though he didn't know the street I was looking for, he phoned a friend, who then used their satnav to find directions for me. Now this would have been more than enough help, and I was already extremely grateful, but then he decided that he was going to escort me to the place I was looking for, to make sure I got there ok. He even sheltered me from cars splashing puddles, and actually carried me over a particularly large puddle, so I wouldn't ruin my shoes! I was completely gobsmacked. When we reached my destination, he simply wished me a good day, and walked away. I didn't think these sort of things happened anymore, and it really made my day.

    I know a lot of ladies would not like a man to treat them like this, but I thought it was sweet! I guess I'm just old fashioned that way.

    So here's to all the gentlemen out there!!:eusa_clap

    It's always nice to here good things rather than bad, so have any other ladies had a nice experience like this?
  2. wedding belle

    wedding belle Familiar Face

    Bedfordshire, England
    Lola that's lovely!

    As a feminist, I get quite irritated when people assume that means I don't like manners :) - actually, more often than not such comments are madeto deflect a certain lack of manners and grace in the (often) men that make them (classic example - "ooh you're a fem! So I didn't hold the door open" - that is no reason to slam said door into someone's face!).

    I think it's particularly lovely when a young person goes out of their way to do something wonderful and doesn't think twice about it - like your young soldier.

    My daughter came home only yesterday telling me how two of her male friends had shared the task of carrying her bag home from school for her as she was feeling under the weather - good to see chivalry and care continuing in the young :)
  3. pennycarrol

    pennycarrol A-List Customer

    France, UK
    Wow!! How lucky you are!! This kind of thing happen to me last summer (but it's not as sweet as your story!!)!! I was in Wellington New zealand and I was completely lost!! So a man asked me if I needed help ... I replied that yes, and instantly he accompanied me! At the time of leaving, he just said goodbye.... I was just happy, because most of the time I don't trust men... I've got the bad habit to say : pffff... They're all the same, you can't trust them...!!. But I'm sure that honests gentlemen exist!! Your story with this soldier prove that some men are delicate and polite, and just adorable!!!
  4. imoldfashioned

    imoldfashioned Call Me a Cab

    A sweet story--I'm glad you found such a good guy to help you out (carrying you over the puddle? That's above and beyond! Makes a great story too).
  5. hepkitten

    hepkitten One of the Regulars

    Portland, Oregon
    Another Feminist in Favor of Manners

    What a wonderful experience, Lola! :eusa_clap

    I'm a feminist, AND I adore courtesy. If someone holds a door open for me, I don't take it to imply that I'm too weak to open it myself. I give a brilliant smile and 'thank you,' and more often than not, the man looks a teeny bit surprised and then gratified.

    When I lived in the South, I came to really appreciate the grace that good manners bring to daily life. When it comes to such things, feminism just means that I get to open doors for other folks, too. And give up a seat on the bus to those who need it more, regardless of gender. Etc.
  6. Emmababy

    Emmababy One of the Regulars

    B'ham, England
    This is the nicest story ever
  7. carter

    carter I'll Lock Up

    Corsicana, TX
    Wherever they may be found...

    Today I'm thankful for men, both young and old, who let us know that chivalry is not dead. It lives in the hearts, minds, and actions of true gentlemen everywhere.
  8. pigeon toe

    pigeon toe One Too Many

    los angeles, ca
    That's such a cute story. What a good guy!
  9. Jovan

    Jovan Suspended

    Gainesville, Florida
    In the last month, I was rebuffed by two ladies for wanting to go with them to the store because they were walking. It was on University Avenue a few blocks away... and there's some wily characters there. I didn't understand it. It wasn't because I was trying to be "manly" and defend them or some shit, it was because many not-so-chivalrous guys simply tend to leave girls alone if they see another guy there. The other reason they gave me was they were talking about "girl stuff." [huh]

    I don't really hang out with them anymore, so oh well.
  10. Naama

    Naama Practically Family

    Some days ago a guy from college did hold the door open for me, and when I walked in he was like "what's now with your feminism?"
    I just don't get it why some guys think like that.... But then again, he has a strange sence for humor.... so maybe he was joking, don't know [huh]

    But I also have to say, sometimes I think, many men wouldn't be that nice to a girl who isn't that pretty..... Maybe I'm wrong if I assume something like that.....? But I don't think so.....

  11. olive bleu

    olive bleu One Too Many

    Nova Scotia
    a few years ago when i lived in Montreal,I went out to do some banking. it was winter and i was wearing gloves.I left the bank, and after a couple blocks, realized i no longer had my gloves. i went back to the bank, but they were nowhere to be found. as I left the bank, a man followed me out and mentioned that he overheard that i had lost my gloves. After a bit of protesting from me, he walked me all the way home, about 10 blocks and up a very steep hill, i might add, and gave me his gloves to wear as we were walking .I never saw him again, but i will never forget this as long as i live.
  12. gluegungeisha

    gluegungeisha Practically Family

    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Aww, what a nice guy! His mother raised him well. :)

    I'm another courtesy-appreciative feminist...and I hope that I'll be able to tell a story like this someday.
  13. KittenHasCurves

    KittenHasCurves New in Town

    Many of the most polite men I have met have been soldiers. My DH is one, and my parents were very impressed when they met him at how respectful he was to them and other people, while still being able to be assertive.

    Not to say there arent some bad apples, but all that yes sir, no sir has to sink in eventually. lol
  14. fourstarbanner

    fourstarbanner One of the Regulars

    South Dakota
    What wonderful stories! Where can I find a guy like that? lol
  15. RitaHayworth

    RitaHayworth One of the Regulars


    What a true gentleman!

    And I get excited simply just to have a door held open for me!
  16. Jovan

    Jovan Suspended

    Gainesville, Florida
    I am spoken for at the moment. :)
  17. Miss Neecerie

    Miss Neecerie I'll Lock Up

    The land of Sinatra, Hoboken
    Gentlemen....while well do appreciate you visiting us here...can we please not turn this thread into -your- personals ad qualifications?

    There are plenty of those threads out in the Obs Bar for ladies that are looking.

  18. Jovan

    Jovan Suspended

    Gainesville, Florida
    It was only a joke. Sorry.
  19. Vintage Betty

    Vintage Betty My Mail is Forwarded Here

    California, USA
    I've had some very nice experiences.

    When I was in crutches in college, I had many people (men and women - all strangers) who carried my backpack, opened doors, insisted on carrying my lunch tray and escorting me to classes to make sure I arrived safely.

    I couldn't believe how nice people were. And when I progressed to canes (two and than one), they actually got nicer.

    Vintage Betty
  20. SweetieStarr

    SweetieStarr A-List Customer

    Carried you over a puddle?! That is soooooooo great!

    It's so nice to hear there are still men who do those sort of things!

    Such a nice change from the first instinct of "what is this person going to do to me" when approached.

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