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Adventure! Fedora Lounge Folks in Action!


Practically Family
Errol, NH
Also mounted on Grant playing role of William Dawes in Paul Revere Day ride, Boston, Mass.
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I'll Lock Up
My pictures have been posting off, too, 90 degrees off from how they are before I post them. It must be something about this site that is going on.


One Too Many
Mtns. of SW Virginia
At first I thought it was a picture taken in the reflection of a lake; I thought, "That's pretty cool". I know very little about current computer and phone technology, but do know from reading here that pictures taken on a phone and transferred directly to the website often end up displaying upside-down or sideways on laptop or desktop computers. I have no idea why, though. The pictures of your guns in one of the other threads all stand upright and tall!


Practically Family
Nashville, TN
I came across this picture of one of my more exotic diving adventures... ever wonder what happens to those golf balls that land in the water? Dive clubs bid on collecting them and sell them to driving ranges, i.e. the striped balls. I had a burlap bag around my waist and spent 90 minutes in 5' of water feeling through the mud for balls. No visibility. My sister took the picture. She was in the fairway with a flag waiving it when I surfaced so I wouldn't get beaned.

Honestly, I hated this. I always worried about snapping turtles. You'll need to take my word that its me in the picture.

3 20.Elmhurst CC  Diving for golf balls copy.jpg
Southern California
I don't think anyone would describe my wife or me as "adventurous" but we occasionally have our moments, usually while we're on a vacation and an opportunity presents itself. In July of 2011 we took a trip to Alaska with my wife's sister and her husband to celebrate our 30th anniversaries (sister- and brother-in-law were married 35 days after us), and we chose to have some real fun while seeing the sights. First, a nice ride through the Alaskan wilderness within view of Mount Denali/McKinley/Denali:


No, it's not an optical illusion--for whatever reason, though I weighed quite a bit more than my wife they put me on a smaller horse, and the poor thing huffed and puffed every time it had to haul my carcass uphill. And for those of you who know horses, immediately after this photo was taken our guide properly adjusted my stirrups.

Next, ziplining approximately 100 feet off the deck just outside of Skagway. I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the photos, but these are screengrabs from low quality videos and they're a bit blurry because we were in motion at the time:



Ziplining was a lot of fun, but just as we were really getting into it the guide/instructor announced, "Okay, that's it. Climb down and take off your gear." :( And finally, riding ATVs through the wilderness just north of Ketchikan:


Okay, so not exactly riding in the photo, but this was a mid-trip photo op while our guide told us about life in Alaska. This was a relatively slow ride on an established trail while our guide pointed out various plant and animal life, and shared stories from his and his wife's experiences in Alaska. It doesn't sound like much, but he and his wife were very nice people and we found their stories interesting. Initially they told us the weather suits were to keep us dry because it had been raining on and off that morning, but at the end of the tour we found out the real reason for them--we were allowed about 30 minutes on a muddy beach to have fun with those ATVs, and the suits were to protect us and our clothing from any mud being thrown from the tires. Smart move, 'cause I was covered in mud by the time we were done but found only a small spot on the collar of my field jacket after I stripped that suit off. :D

By the way, if you ever have an opportunity to visit Alaska, take it. You'll see some of the most beautiful natural scenery on the planet, and once you get away from the overly-polite people working directly for the tourism trade you'll find the people who live in Alaska year-round are among the most down-to-earth, relaxed, friendliest people you'll ever meet.

Mr. Godfrey

Practically Family
A little class-3 action in Costa Rica.

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Cool, I have just attended a lecture by Col John Blashford-Snell on his 50th anniversary of the Blue Nile expediton. He has one of the inflatables he used and told how he went to Avon and how the adapted dingy launches were created and following the expediation down the Nile the sport of white water rafting developed. He used inflatable soccer bladders inside as a secondary method of inflatable. Extra rubber on the bottom of the boat. Although his excitement included being shot at, Nile crocodiles as well as the rapids.

Mr. Godfrey

Practically Family
Talking about the fog and following this old highway reminds me of a story (like I really need some reminding to tell a story).

Growing up, I heard many times the story about the family coming off the mountain in the fog. This took place in the early 1930s, when my Dad was just a boy. The family had been to Asheville in their 1927 Oldsmobile. Coming home down NC 10 (the main highway at the time), it was so foggy that they couldn't see the road. My Maw got out of the car, lit a kerosene lantern that they always had with them in case of emergencies (I still have that same lantern by the way), and walked along in front of the car guiding them all the way off the mountain. My Dad says he only remembered going to sleep in the back seat of the car, but my aunt Hazel (who was the driver at the time) always shuddered when that story was told. Hazel said she was never so scared in her life as when she had to drive that old '27 Olds off the mountain in the fog. She often said she could have seen just as easily if she closed her eyes, and even with Maw walking along in front with a lantern it was all she could do to see the light. Even Maw said she didn't know from one step to the next if she was going to walk off the side of the road or not. Now, that's some thick fog!

While there was some fog today, it was nowhere near as bad as it was when Maw had to lead the car off the mountain; however, with each step I took today I could "see" in my mind Maw walking on before me. Maw was always the one to "lead the way", be it off a fog-covered mountain or just through life in general.

Great story Bigman,
I often think my grandparents are looking out for me, from an action or word, it triggers my grandmother giving me a piece of advice in my head.

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