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Aero 25% Off Sale...

Canuck Panda

One Too Many
Also very tempted.
The sale page usually gives the most return in satisfaction. Still waiting to see if a Cherry CXL will pop up last minute in the 42 size. There is only one in 38 disguised as a 40 and one true 44. Nothing in the middle. Ugh.


One Too Many
I think I've made huge strides in my self control :cool: Saw the post on IG, said to myself, ah, don't need anything. 1 hour later (vs. instantly LOL) I did check out of "curiosity" LOL. About 5 jackets I could buy without thinking about it. But walked away. Lets see how I hold up. That black jerky Sheene looks killer, anything redskin is always a battle.


Practically Family
The Kelpie A-2 I had my eye on for a few weeks seemed to sell as soon as the sale went live so it was gone by the time I checked. Close save!

Harris HTM

One Too Many
the Netherlands
I was drooling over a shearling lined Barnstormer for months now. I wasn't buying because of the Aero policy of not subtracting the British VAT (which means the jacket will be 24something% more expensive for me). The 25% off evened out the losses and I pulled the trigger. It'll be my 2nd shearling lined Aero.


London, UK
Just snagged my first ever Aero, was tempted anyway and then 25% off sealed the deal. Everyman in Seal Vicenza.

Look forward to seeing that one - it's one model I don't think I've seen in the wild yet, but an Everyman in cxl horse or steer in cordovan is on my (long) 'wants list'. I keep a word document on my laptop with a list of all the jackets I really want; it's currently on four Goldtops, two Wested, and about eight or nine Aeros.... The fantasy is that one day the big Lotto win comes in, and I'll be straight on a train to Gala, list in hand...