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Aero Badalassi Offering


One Too Many
Some Chestnut Badalassi progress pics. Just indoor wear. Not outside time yet, and already so much transformation.

New (day 1)
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Two weeks ish later. I got some scuff marks on the sleeve (my left). Fear not, a little light brush and see next pic:
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Tada, scratches gone. And the brushed area is a little darker. So reverse pull up? Lots of oil in this leather from factory. It will lighten and darken depending on how you wear it. I think the rich oil is why it squeaks but can be tamed. So many different shades in this leather it's quite amazing. It's also very forgiving leather. The only "bad thing" about it is that it has cow and bull parents, not horse. JK.

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Awesome evolustion in such short time.

Canuck Panda

Call Me a Cab
Are all these new Badalassi Aeros recent acquisitions? So many great jackets.
The chestnut one is from the sale page from the September sale. At £500 it's hard to say no to given the current exchange rates. I think everyone who picked up a Badalassi sale jacket up last month got a real good deal. They went fast too. I woke up check the sale page they were already gone, jackets that wasn't even there the night before.
Still hunting a Petrol Badalassi though...

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