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Aero Glace Kid Town Boots

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by TheJuniper, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. TheJuniper

    TheJuniper New in Town

    Californian living in China
    I was in the market for some nice black boots, so I picked up a pair of the Aero Glace Kid Town Boots. Here they are right out of the box:

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

    These boots only come with leather soles, so I took them to my local shoe shop here in China to get half soles glued on. I got the more expensive “good quality” half soles which, for the record, are from a brand called GUGCI.


    I’ve been wearing these boots a few hours a day for the last week. They have about 10 hours of walking on them so far. Some pics …

    5.jpg 6.jpg 9.jpg 8.jpg 7.jpg 10.jpg

    These boots are somewhere between a work boot and a dress boot … I wouldn’t wear them to do any yard work, and I wouldn’t wear them with dress pants either. They are a handsome boot with slacks or jeans IMHO.

    As for sizing: My feet are 26.3 cm / 10.35 inches. They measure a “true size” US 9. I also measure a US 9 on the Brannock Device. I have four pairs of Clarks shoes, and I’m a US 9 in all of those.

    I got the Aero Glace Kid Town Boots in a size US 9. I’d say that I got the right size.

    When I initially tried them on, they felt a bit loose. But after breaking them in, the width and the length feel right. These boots are plenty wide, and I have a good 1/2” of space between my toe and the front of the boot. No slippage, blisters, or sore feet when I’m wearing them.

    These boots do taper down in height towards the toe, and there is not a lot of clearance in the toe area. I wear them with thin dress socks, and it’s fine. But If I wear thick socks or put in insoles, then my big toe is pressing a bit against the top of the boot. That might break in over time, but who knows. I would go up another half size if I were planning to wear insoles or thick socks.

    I’ve given up trying to find the perfect fitting shoe, and these seem like they will do just fine. True test of a boot is how they feel and hold up after a year. I’ll update later. Cheers!
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  2. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    Nice to see them in black. I have a brown pair, and I love them. Comfortable right from the off, with no real break-in period. What I have noticed about the Aero boots is that over time the shape gets better and better, as the boot moulds to the foot, and the heel cup becomes more pronounced.
  3. TheJuniper

    TheJuniper New in Town

    Californian living in China
    Actually, I have a correction. I wore these a bit more, and decided it tapers too much at the toe and it's not so comfortable to wear all day. I unfortunately bought a size too small :( . I'll probably end up selling these in the near future.

    So yeah, wish I'd bought a 1/2 or whole size larger. It's a shame ... these are nice boots.

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