Aero Leathers 42-15142-P Real Deal Sz 44

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    This is my personal A-2, an Aero Leather contract 42-15142-P, Real Deal. Its a size 44, sleeves are 23 1/2", back is 25 1/2" long and 20 1/4" across and has several autographs on the liner, including Doolittle Raider Dick Cole (says:RE Cole #3). The others were various WWII and Korea era flyers signing at airshows, all authentic. The jacket is in good shape, leather has a few areas of wear, the liner has some wear around the collar and there is a very slight open in the waist knit as shown in the picture, its been there for years and hasn't gotten any bigger. Great patina for a Seal Brown Horse Hide A-2 with red base showing in wear areas. $700 plus shipping of your choice. IMG_2372.jpg IMG_2373.jpg IMG_2374.jpg IMG_2375.jpg IMG_2376.jpg IMG_2377.jpg IMG_2378.jpg

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