Aero Premier Highwayman 42 Black CXL. Trade?

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Seank, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. Seank

    Seank One of the Regulars

    Practically new Aero PHM sz 42 in black CXL FQHH
    shoulders 18.25”
    P2P 21.5
    Back 24.5
    Sleeves 24.5

    Awesome/gorgeous jacket. Practically new. Just a few months old. Excellent condition. I recently bought another black jacket, a Freewheelers Muholland, and just don’t think I’ll be wearing this much.
    I am interested in making a trade. If you have something interesting...maybe in a tobacco Badalassi (that always seems to catch my eye) or anything else really, and you are interested let me know.

    Looking for something with the following measurements:
    Shoulders 18.5 (give or take .25”)
    Sleeves 25” measured straight (give or take .25”)
    Back 24.5”- 25.5” (shorter if there is a front drop of 1.5” or so that the front length is about 26”)
    P2P 21.5-22”

    show me whatcha got.



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  2. Seank

    Seank One of the Regulars

    still available.
    I haven’t received any offers for trades that I am interested while still entertaining trade offers, I will now consider selling outright.
    $750 buyer pays shipping.
  3. Rgcards

    Rgcards One of the Regulars

    How big are you?
  4. Seank

    Seank One of the Regulars

    About 5’8” 175lbs 39-40” chest.
  5. Seank

    Seank One of the Regulars

    Jacket has been sold.
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