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Aero Sheene made of unfinished horsehide


Practically Family
Some had asked how the jacket had developed in the meantime.
Since I can only say, actually quite little, because I wear them too little.
So great I find the jacket, the color is unfortunately ungrateful.
If the weather is nice, it is often too warm for a jacket. If it is bad, rainy and gloomy, I rather put on one of my darker jackets. So I have to wait for cool, nice days.
In this respect, it will probably take a little longer until the color changes something big.

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That’s a great color, how does it handle rain/water spots?

That color would go perfectly with a pair of natural shell cordovan boots I bought for a steal. Looks like the same color.


Practically Family
No problem. It rains on it, dries and looks the same as before.
That’s awesome, I’m hoping these natural Shell Cordovan boots I picked up on Poshmark don’t leave rain stains because where I live it rains so much this time of year. I’m sure i can find a way to seal them but if not In time it will just add to the character.

El Marro

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Would this be the same HH used in the Standard and Strange/Simmons Bilt Vanishing Point jacket? It appears to be the same to me.
Yes it is. It is also the same leather used by Simmons Bilt to make the IHSB-BB-NAT for Iron Heart, i’m wearing mine today.