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Akubra Fed IV

Discussion in 'Hats' started by scottslatton, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. scottslatton

    scottslatton New in Town

    The brim on my Fed IV Hertiage will not hold a shape. It has no snap to it. I have a bottle of hat stiffener spray and have put three light applications on, but still not getting the desired stiffness or snap into the hat...suggestions????

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  2. Zombie_61

    Zombie_61 I'll Lock Up

    I have three Fed IVs--two standard/Imperial Grade and one deluxe/Heritage--and none of their brims snap up and down because the flange is too shallow to put any tension on the felt. I use distilled water rather than steam to shape my hats, so I just sprayed the brims, shaped them as I wanted, and let them dry; they've all held their new brim shapes quite well for years. The Heritage took four or five applications before it held the shape I wanted, but it finally gave in.

    Someone with more experience might have a better suggestion, but this worked for me.
  3. belfastboy

    belfastboy Call Me a Cab

    vancouver, canada
    Not sure if this is an accepted way to do it (other than in my world) but I do the same, spray/steam and then with the brim held on the ironing board by a weight (iron) I let the hat itself hang outboard. The more the hat hangs outboard the more weight and the greater bend to the brim. Once I have settled on the desired amount of bend I let it sit overnight and it dries in the desired state. If I get too much bend I just start from scratch and repeat with less hat overhanging the ironing board. I store in a hatbox upside down and the brim stays in the desired state.
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