Alexander Leather Brown Horsehide (nubuck) cafe racer jacket SZ 42

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Bruce Kent, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Bruce Kent

    Bruce Kent Familiar Face

    Tustin, California
    Alexander Leather (now known as Simmons Built)
    Brown Nubuck Leather Cafe Racer
    Size 42

    ASKING $320 shipped within the continental United States

    Please note the following:

    When purchased directly from Alexander Leathers, it was listed under "mongolian horsehide." It is nubuck and easily shows signs of wear. I can provide more pictures if needed. When it first arrived I wore it for a while, but did not like the "full action" back, so I sent it to ARROW LEATHER CLEANERS and had it altered. They sewed up the pleats making them "shoulder gussets" as pictured. Great jacket, but have one too many.

    I took the following measurements as pictured, but please note that I am NOT a tailor so these are to the best of my ability:

    Shoulder seam to shoulder seam: 17 inches

    Pit to pit: 22 inches

    Arm length from shoulder seam to end of cuff: 28 inches flat, 29 around the curve

    back length from collar seam to end of jacket: 27 inches

    I am 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 185 pounds with long monkey arms. I wear a 42 long in a suit and it fits me perfectly with a t-shirt or light hoodie underneath.
  2. oskar

    oskar One of the Regulars

    Sounds great. Do you have pictures?
  3. Bruce Kent

    Bruce Kent Familiar Face

    Tustin, California
    SOLD pending shipping tomorrow AM
  4. lospice1

    lospice1 One of the Regulars

    New Orleans
    Arrived safe and sound...what a great jacket!!
    Great seller and great communication!

    The nubuck finished horsehide is unique and really cool.


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