And the 1930's tux goes to...

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Matt Deckard, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action


    I hope it fits well.

    We'll bring formalwear back yet.
  2. Nathan Flowers

    Nathan Flowers Head Bartender Staff Member

    I sent you an email regarding it, and how to make sure you acquire what attire you desire on ebay. In short, you need to become one of those vultures swooping down in the last 3 seconds. I can help :)
  3. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    It might have gone to a person who will be using it as a rag for cleaning dishes.

    You know how vintage wool is the best thing for wiping cheese off China.
  4. Cabinetman

    Cabinetman A-List Customer

    Central Illinois
    I think I understand sniping all right (and we have cable internet, so we're fast enough), but I really wasn't sure how bad I wanted it, you know? I mean, I'd hate to think I would post a pic of my new duds on here and say something like, "Yeah, isn't it great? And I got it for only $400.00!" or something like that. I mean, certainly I would like to have won it, but I just need to learn how to price vintage stuff. Was I willing to put more down? Yes, but did I really need it? The last question is not to be confused with the age old philisophical question of need vs. want.

    So, I just want to get smarter for next time something like this comes around.

    By the way, supper is going to be "krabby patties."

  5. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    In the realm of vintage $70 for a tux may be right on the button.

    When you consider the cost of a modern tux versus the vintage and take into account possible better tailoring and material, to get one made to those specs might cost $1000 or more today. $200 is well worth the price if it fits... only if you are going to wear it alot.

    You're right
    Want versus need.

    I want one
    I really really want one.
  6. havershaw

    havershaw Practically Family

    mesa, az
    I get lucky a lot...mainly by watching eBay relentlessly.

    I check all of my categories four to five times a day, if I can. Three minimum.

    I got a 1942-dated, double-breasted tuxedo in mint condition for...

    ...$9.99 plus shipping (and this was the third time it was relisted)!

    Cab, I got your PM too late to do anything about it. Sorry about that! But I'll keep you in mind when I'm searching eBay.

    You're right - it's all about how bad you want it. And also, how willing to NOT get a screaming deal on something you are. For example, I've bought a whole bunch of Borsalinos on eBay for $30 and under. When I paid $75 for one, it was hard for me to spend that kind of dough...but the fact is, $75 for a really nice vintage Borsalino (it's my #1 hat) is really still a screaming deal. It just doesn't scream as loud as, say, $35 for a vintage Borsalino. But because that's what I'm used to, it's hard to break out of that.

    I bought a suit with Buy It Now for $75 last week (got another one two days ago for $30!), and at the time, I thought I was going too far, but that's nothing for a good vintage suit, really. I've just bought my last two or three for under $50 each. Art's suits are three to four times that - and being the proud owner of one, I can tell you without hesitation that Art's suits are worth it. He is a picky, picky man when it comes to the condition of his suits - and that's a great thing.

    (Of course, a side note here is that I'm now so obsessed with having clothes tailored for me, that I spend $30-$60 on alterations on every suit, anyway! I just bought a beautiful deep blue double-breasted suit on eBay for $9.99 - but I had to spend $60 to have the sleeves lengthened and the jacket tapered!)

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