Annex Apparel cross zip. Brown Horse For sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by RL204, Apr 11, 2021.

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    For sale apparel annex cross zip in brown leather. Size 42-44ish. I think it is horse hide and I think the jacket is from the early-mid 70s. I’m 6’2” 200lbs, 42” chest and the jacket fits quite well. It has a unique cut that has droop shoulders which makes the 24” sleeve length work out to be longer. Here are some measurements.

    chest 23”
    Shoulder 19”
    Sleeve 24” (works out to be More like 25” because of the shoulder design)
    Length 26” (that’s at the lowest point)
    Hem 19” (adjustable from 18” to 24” or so)

    $200USD includes shipping in Canada or the continental US. shipping from Calgary Alberta Canada.

    Feel free to reach out for any additional info.


    1C0122A5-3FEF-41E2-980B-09032695B1E7.jpeg 18DC4F43-63A1-439D-B016-D4D112937A5E.jpeg B2570EF2-45C0-4DBE-9F9C-6F5D81EBCB05.jpeg 9263576F-5BDA-412B-978A-5075FBC62067.jpeg E241CD83-CA90-4054-B692-B8F7752E3B42.jpeg D0D92631-AE34-4995-BB9E-41B0EF819762.jpeg 89417863-E54C-41F0-9617-1E3C36F70F27.jpeg 99712BA1-9467-4CA3-A3AA-67B9592FE99A.jpeg 65E31C71-A817-480B-8DBB-631274A8BA08.jpeg A59BADC8-FF84-44DC-BF53-769A54BEC181.jpeg
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    New York
    Wow! Beautiful pattern never heard of this maker but looks very unique! Good luck

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