Any tips on how to get this look ladies?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Carolina_Girl, May 30, 2014.

  1. Carolina_Girl

    Carolina_Girl New in Town

    Vanceboro, North Carolina
    I'm back!! Its been a while. I've decided to take the plunge and just do it. I'm gonna chop off about a foot of hair...... That though causes mixed emotions. Not gonna lie haha. Right now my hair is almost down to my back side. and really wavy/curly. All one length.

    And this is what I've decided on doing...

    I'm sure its really simple, but.. Any tips? Cut, styling ideas... anything?
  2. Veronica T

    Veronica T Familiar Face

    Looks very nice. I am afraid I cannot be of much help to you in the wavy / curly department.

    I am a northern girl. You are a southern girl. My advice would be to keep your hair at least to where you can put it in a pony or pigs or a bun. My nieces had the front bangs, side bangs, long twin tails and cut their hair for Locks Of Love when a classmate lost her hair to cancer treatment. With intermediate hair length, it was difficult to keep the hair from the nape of the neck on those beastly hot, humid days of which you would know much better than I.

    It sounds as if you have made your mind up. Be brave! Go for it!
  3. VintageBee

    VintageBee One of the Regulars

    Northern California
    I agree with Veronica T....leave it long enough for a ponytail and see how you like can always have more cut off next time you get it cut....but you can't glue it back on! :eeek: you're coming off of really long hair, it may take some getting use to, emotionally and physically!
    How much do you like to spend time on your hair? The shorter you go with wavy/curly hair, the more time it may take you to style it as you'd like.
    I style my hair like the one pictured in the link you sent. My hair is currently around 4 inches longer than in my avatar. It is long enough to put in a ponytail when too hot or a chignon when I'm in a hurry. I have wavy hair and a cowlick in the front so the bangs pretty much set themselves! I've been thinking about a cut though and if I do, it will be about two inches shorter than my avatar photo...I won't be able to put it in a pony tail or anything else so I'll be committed to styling my hair each day...unless I get a lucky day or two of 'good' hair days!
  4. MirandaFern

    MirandaFern Familiar Face

    Houston, TX
    As a Houstonian, where it is beastly hot and humid, I find I can still get my shoulder length middy into a pony tail. Side combs are your friends. You can use them at the back of the head to keep hairs from falling down.

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