Asking your help for "action back" jacket details

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Torpedo, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Torpedo

    Torpedo One Too Many

    Barcelona (Spain)

    I am dealing with a local tailor in order to see if he can make a couple of varieties of "action back" jackets (bi-swing, half-Norfolk, etc). He asked me for some clear photos. Well, I have managed to scrounge several from here and there, but I have no full set of detail photos of a single jacket for him to examine.
    Could you help?
    I am interested both in the ones with twin pleats at the sides, and in the ones with a central pleat or pleats and darts. So if you can provide me with a set of photos of a given jacket, showing construction, and both "rest" and "action" positions when worn, for him to see how the design is supposed to work, I would me most grateful. If the "high armhole" feature is also demonstrated, all the better.
    You get my meaning: any pic you might find useful as far as the above endeavour is concerned.
    I promise to keep you updated on the project progress.
  2. avedwards

    avedwards Call Me a Cab

    London and Midlands, UK
    On youtube Matt Deckard has a video of him demonstrating the sort of jacket you're after. I can't remember the link, but just look for Mr Deckard's videos. A few screenshots should provide you with sufficient photos of one jacket. And the high armholes are featured and demonstrated.

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