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    Ok Lets look at what balance is first. If you are looking for a perfect fitting suit here are some things too look for

    Put the garment on let the Tailor (fitter adjust the garment so that the centre back seam is in the middle of your neck THIS IS A MUST!!!!!

    This is one of the first things I look for

    When he/she (we do have ladies Fitter) has done this look into the mirror (say look at you nose) then look do the front, wheat your looking for is to see if one side is longer than the other. If the right is longer you may need to pick up the right side or drop the left, (this would be up to the fitter) now when you do this the garment should then be the same on both side (we hope).

    Ok we done the drop shoulders let now look at the balance. Balance is one thing a good fitter should get right (but sometime you my not see if the balance is wrong until the garment is finished).

    If the fronts fall away from the body

    This is called a swinger

    Straighten the neck and pick up the shoulder points. You may need only to do this on one or both sides also may my need to like the hips out.

    When the garment is short in the fronts

    The garment my be ?¢‚Ǩ?ìShort in front balance?¢‚Ǩ? and need to be let down on the shoulder seam. Note always look at the balance where the button hole and where the button are they should line up left and right.

    Also if the garment is short in the front you my need just to lengthen is.

    Ok back balance

    Long or short???

    Long back balance is simple you could pin the back from about 4inchs down, from the collar

    Pin left to right all the way across say in about ?Ǭ? to 1inch if the garment looks better from this you have long back balance, it should take up the extra cloth the you will see around the waist and hips.

    Short balance

    This is where the back ma stick out at the back (bottom) and the collar is off the back neck. Simple to get right pass up the back say ?Ǭ? - ?Ǭæ od an inch the back will now sit better on the neck and the bottom of the garment will sit closer to the seat (flat).

    I will be taken some pics soon so we can talk more about balance



    Hope my selling getting better

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