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    Verona - Italia
    Here there is a Barbisio made twenty years ago in the Cappellificio Cervo - Sagliano Micca, 300 meters far from the old Barbisio factory
    Barbisio57 2.jpg
    Barbisio "Brescia" size 57 cm. it fit a 7 1/8 US size. It is new with the Barbisio tag still in, but the main factor is an awesome hat
    Barbisio57 interno.jpg
    The dimensions are those of a typical Italian hat made in the last forty years: over welted brim at 5.5 cm. open crown at 12.5 cm. and ribbon at 3.2 cm
    Barbisio57 4.jpg
    Color of the felt is "Brescia" and all the others indications speak for themselves
    The color is a green/brown in the taupe tradition
    Barbisio57 etichetta carta.jpg
    The felt has a very soft touch and it is finished with a short hair Barbisio57 1.jpg
    For all lovers of Italian hats, I would like to point out that the Cappellificio Cervo made hats of excellent quality until it was closed a couple of years ago. Oh it certainly isn't as well known as other brands, but it has been a source of extraordinary hats even in recent years Barbisio57 3.jpg
    The price of Barbisio is $ 70
    Ask for the shipping price that varies for the weight of the package and the destination country.
    Do not hesitate to write for details or additional photos.
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