Barker Calder dress shoe sz 10 (US 11)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jrolfe, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. Jrolfe

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    Beautiful and barely worn dark brown. Extreme quality shoe. Very comfortable. I’ve only worn them twice & they’re slightly big on me. I normally wear a size 10US but these fit like an 11US. (Width is F) Barker makes some impeccable shoes! $275 shipped. Comes with shoe horn, polish, dust bags, polish rag, brochures and warranty card & original box.
    9488448C-E89B-429D-9B01-2B36A801DBEA.jpeg 0E09431D-BBB5-47BE-85AD-C2DE99AB4BA9.jpeg F2C1BB41-4CB9-4CF2-B51B-F5F3036F1852.jpeg 23EB52F8-CB03-42D5-A250-56DB2379F4E7.jpeg 1EBDA634-1703-4FE0-8104-EEEE843907BC.jpeg 27CAA320-B7B5-4AED-BD42-CF44EC788EFF.jpeg B0A58C4E-F95F-4A98-A418-7DBE55259FA1.jpeg

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