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Baseball Caps (in moderation)?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by HosManHatter, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. HosManHatter

    HosManHatter One of the Regulars

    Northern CA
    Ever since discovering the fedora it is rare that I wear a bb cap. Ueber casual to be sure.They`ve become cliche and mostly lame(imho).While not a serious piece of headware a tasteful and well-made bb cap is a nice look.No gangster/urban flat billed,too big posers,please! The jock/whiteboy look of "X" sports franchise/beer brand/lame saying also makes me roll my eyes.

    My RUSH band logo bb cap in tri-color w/1970`s style logo:

    If this thread is not kosher then I`ll remove it. [huh]

  2. theinterchange

    theinterchange One Too Many

    Why do you ask?
    I wear a cap [I own 2 that I wear] around the house [some], or while fishing. The rest of the time, it's a fedora or nothing.

    Should be an interesting thread here.

  3. sixties.nut

    sixties.nut Registered User

    Ball Caps, somebody say Ball Caps?

    I've had dozens over the years, but I've managed to keep two close to my heart err head. A JKL Lift stiffy and a local heavy equipment outfit that is very floppy. Use 'em for summer driving only.

    These led me to getting my fedora which I use mostly for winter snow days. Thank goodness it don't see much use, as it is my 'chic magnet' around the house most other times. <wink>

    Looking over the Winchester thread, got me to wanting a newsy like the one man in the 2009 photo's. Can't seem to find that material nowhere online.

    Roll the bones -RUSH
  4. cptjeff

    cptjeff Practically Family

    Greensboro, NC
    I wear 'em on occasion lounging around in winter, but I do wear them a good bit in summer. Shorts, t shirt and ballcap- is there a more American youth look? lol

    All of the ones I wear these days are sports related- UNC, North Stars, Carolina Hurricanes, Yankees and the local A ball team (Greensboro grasshoppers).

    The models I wear:

    New Era 5950, tags off and bill curved, wool is ideal because it breaks in to fit your head. The new performance polyester ones may be cooler and wick moisture, but they never form to fit your head, and that makes you look like a dork. These are structured, which means that there's a panel in the front that keeps the front flat and 'nice' looking. That gets modified. They're also fitted, which means no tacky looking adjusta strap.

    And the other model- Twins Enterprise Franchise fitted. Good quality, unstructured cotton. And not pricey.
  5. HosManHatter

    HosManHatter One of the Regulars

    Northern CA
    I like your style,cptjeff. My daughters brought me back a souviner from Hawaii;a very stylish,adjustable low crown khaki cap."MAUI" wih 2 stylized palm trees in the distance.Very subtle as the script is almost the same shade as the rest of the cap.Bill has the perfect curl to it too.

    This one will be seeing some action come Summertime!
  6. Michaelshane

    Michaelshane One Too Many

    Land of Enchantment
    Ball cap? Never.
  7. Panamabob

    Panamabob Call Me a Cab

    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    I wear a ballcap to every sporting event I attend...except when calls for something warmer. If you ask my wife, I attend too many sporting events!
  8. Atticus Finch

    Atticus Finch Call Me a Cab

    Coastal North Carolina, USA
    I collect (and wear) cold-war nylon flight jackets. I've found that BB caps go much better with these jackets than do felt hats. I think it has to do with the fact that most 'fifties and 'sixties aircrew were fond of BB caps and often wore them on the flight line...with their MA-1s and L-2Bs.

    So, when I wear vintage nylon...which has been almost every day this cold-a**ed winter...I also wear vintage baseball caps. My favorite is this American Needle, 1960 Milwaukee Braves cap.


  9. Mickey D

    Mickey D One of the Regulars

    Northern California
    I never wear a ball cap. I have nothing against them either.
    Even while hunting and fishing I'll were a brimmed hat.
    For those that wear ball caps, I prefer the look of the tighter curved bills and despise the flat gangsta' caps.
  10. Only if they have a college, fertilizer company, tractor, motorcycle, truck, jeep, parts mfg, or pro sports team on them...
  11. RBH

    RBH Bartender

    Only to the gym... and that really took me some getting used to.
  12. JimWagner

    JimWagner Practically Family

    Durham, NC
    If you wear headphone style hearing protection while shooting you won't be wearing a fedora. A ball cap is the thing there. Having been a flight crew member in the 60's a ball cap feels more natural with my G-1 and even my A-2. Again, it's from wearing headphones. I'm not wearing an expensive fedora while fishing either. Who wants to ruin one by getting it all fishy or blown into the water?

    Now I wouldn't wear a baseball cap with a suit, but as my fedoras tend to be more dressy and/or expensive to really be appropriate with a lot of casual pursuits.

    I do wear all types of hats and will wear whatever the mood and activity dictate without prejudice.
  13. scottyrocks

    scottyrocks I'll Lock Up

    Isle of Langerhan, NY
    I have tons of ball caps, collected over many years. Most were purchased as souvenirs, or on whims, and I wear very few of them, and less and less as time passes. The ones I still wear are ball team-related, because, after all, thats what they - baseball caps.

    The one I wear most is my Under Armor cap, and only when playing tennis in the sun. It is very well ventilated, and I need something to cover my follically-challenged pate. Otherwise, its a usually fedora, like 99% of the time.
  14. ScionPI2005

    ScionPI2005 Call Me a Cab

    Bremerton, Washington
    I have only three baseball caps in my collection. One I wear when out hiking, running, or camping. Another I wear on duty as part of my uniform, and the third one is a gift from a friend of mine who wants me to vary my head-wear every now and then to "actually look like someone my age". I don't mind; it's a nice cap, and I look good in it with some things I wear. Still, I don't wear it too much, as my fedoras and flat caps are closer to my personality.
  15. Bingles

    Bingles A-List Customer

    Buffalo, New York
    I only wear them while working out outdoors, or mowing the lawn. lol -- they are nice manual labor hats.
  16. St.Ignatz

    St.Ignatz Call Me a Cab

    Left of Philadelphia
    Right now the only ball cap I seem to be inspired to wear is a repro 1964 Villanova an old buddy gave me for my 50th years ago. I have worked within a short walk of Mitchell & Ness for the last 24 years so I have picked up quit a few caps all fitted. Maybe a dozen Phillies form 1915 to 1980 and minor league affiliates. A half dozen Athletics then there's Browns, Indians, Angels (halo) and on and on. As we all know there is no room for superstition in baseball but that said which hat could and could not be worn set up a whole set of senseless rules. Life has been much simpliler with fedoras. Now instead of deciding among 30+ caps I only need to chose among 30 fedoras. Much easier.
    Tom D.
  17. avedwards

    avedwards Call Me a Cab

    London and Midlands, UK
    Only when sailing, as mine has a clip which attatched to my clothing to prevent it flying away and I don't mind it getting wet if I fall into the water when capsizing. My fedora may be good in rain, but I don't think it would do too well if it became completely submersed in the water. But I will literally only wear it on the boat. My fedora will wait in the changing room with my clothes so that I can put it on immediately afterwards.

    I tried a Tilley as a better alternative to the cap, but I found the brim gets in the way too much, hence I think my cap may be a neccessary evil when sailing, along with a wetsuit.
  18. Carlisle Blues

    Carlisle Blues My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Beautiful Horse Country
    Love them as much as my fedoras. Wear them whenever I feel like it.[​IMG]
  19. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I have many ball caps. However, I only wear one on certain occasion. It is a black Sandwich bill with the Sony Xplod logo (car audio). I wear it when I am twisting wrenches.

  20. Chuck Bobuck

    Chuck Bobuck Practically Family

    Rolling Prairie
    I used to wear them all the time, but prefer a flat cap, newsboy or fedora these days. In the Summer, they don't offer the ears protection from the sun. My favorites say Guild, Tech 21, and Vance Refrigeration with the penguin (The Office).

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