BEAUTIFUL Steel Blue 1940’s Stetson Flagship 6 3/4

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    19239B83-2A05-4836-AA2D-68640C38191A.jpeg A4B150C7-C7F5-42D3-A17A-434303AC2E66.jpeg 626AF033-9083-4928-B992-D57F02483ACB.jpeg FD5F0047-764F-4061-AB8E-1B88E78110F5.jpeg 05A1BA24-484E-4B30-A1D1-A083A396C6C5.jpeg 7DC5FEE3-D998-42EC-AE1C-20AA5252B076.jpeg 690175B4-B044-4547-A193-560241D62B63.jpeg 94E60C6E-387F-421F-81E6-C0CBCF02E233.jpeg 385A8C2E-D324-4BD8-B94E-8E1FE4390700.jpeg 71A2BDB5-D534-417D-9E80-AD7F3E09AE7C.jpeg I gotta say, this is my first classified ad directly to the enthusiasts and experts here on the Lounge. Big props.
    Secondly, if this beauty was my size I would keep it. It’s that fantastic.

    A gorgeous Steel Blue Stetson Flagship c1940’s. Size 6 3/4. Found at the estate of a US Navy Veteran and Pearl Harbor Survivor. To think of the celebrations this fine hat may have attended...

    In fantastic condition throughout. Some staining apparent on the silk liner. I have not attempted to remedy.

    I’ve included as many pictures as I can to help you experts narrow down it’s origins and age but from my research I believe I’m in the ballpark.

    Approximately 2.5” brim
    Leather brow band in excellent shape. Original price tag, and stamped with retailers emblem- The Bon Marche, Seattle Washington.

    No box.

    $200 including US Shipping. All international interest please PM me for a shipping quote.
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    Oh my... I really enjoy vintage hats.
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