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i really like the look of your stuff too. I’ll be ordering one when funds become available. What is the best method to order? I particularly like your August 7th Insta post.
Thank you very much - I really appreciate the kind words

Most folk have ordered via IG, others message me on SuFu and a handful used e-mail (duke.mantee@yahoo.co.uk) … but if it’s not contrary to the rules of this forum I guess a DM here would be ok?

I don’t run a shop simply because my belts are genuinely bespoke and so there isn’t a practical method to list every variable regardless how simple the design is.

I guess having standard designs from a choice of 2 or 3 leathers and a couple of buckle options is the opposite of why I do what I do - it might be a crap business strategy but it normally allows a more expressive and unique solution.


If it’s this one you mean - it’s definitely become a popular design. I first developed that for my wife and a friend spotted it on IG and asked me to adapt and develop it into something a little bit different to suit his particular tastes. He liked it so much he bought another using different leather and finishes - from then it seemed to gain a small following so I named it the ‘Brooklyn’ since that’s how he tags himself on IG.

This particular one uses a veg tanned French bullhide leather from the Walpier tannery (their Buttero range) in Italy with genuine turquoise gemstones.
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