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Discussion in 'WWII' started by 1930artdeco, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Dahlan Netsch

    Dahlan Netsch New in Town

    UPDATE: At The Front (ATF) never did make those USN dungarees and jackets like they said they were back in May. People have been asking about them for months but they do not reply. Typical. There is, however still a good supply of high quality WWII USN dungarees, chambray shirts and exceptionally high quality USN WWII deck boots available from SM Wholesale (SMW). They made an additional run of the one's they made for the movie "Men of courage" and they sold out 1-2-3, so they made yet another run to meet the high demand for the hard-to-find dungarees. Here's the link, but you better take advantage of them soon because they will no doubt sell out of them and then there will be NO WHERE to find these authentic reproductions:
  2. Tim P

    Tim P New in Town

    I took the plunge and am waiting on mine from SM. I sprung for black woodpeckers at the same time

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