Best way to do finger waves for 20's couture look?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by MissMittens, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. MissMittens

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    Anyone have thoughts? I've seen plenty of modern techniques, but the curls look forced and not as loose/natural as the actual 20's look.

    I'm trying to figure out my hair for Jazz Age Lawn Party coming in August, and am leaning towards the finger wave look :)
  2. swinggal

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    Perth, Australia
    I blogged about it here. A great video as reference. One of the best I've seen for recreating authentic waves.

    1930s hair

    Wonderful video and very authentic 30s waves. This shows exactly why most women in the day had their hair set in salons weekly, maintained it themselves at home but then went back for re-setting. There are a lot of tutorials about waves and 'easy' techniques, but they never get the 'real' look of the 30s correct. To really get an authentic wave it takes time and multiple steps, which is captured beautifully here. I write about this on my blog as well...the curling first and then setting the waves after using brushing out and then wet setting techniques.

    At about 9.40 on the vid she shoes you how you can do it yourself in and easier way.

  3. Lily Powers

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  4. CaramelSmoothie

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    With my Hats
    Are you open to going to a salon? If so, I would suggest you go to an African American salon to get them done. Wet sets, pin curls, fingerwaves, etc...any type of curls and waves are extremely popular at these salons. You walk in and just about every one is under the dryer. I know because I am in these salons all the time and that is the look we go for. They will hook you up and have your finger waves looking on point. Delaware should have plenty of options for you to choose from.
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  5. Tenuki

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    I'm bookmarking this thread for later reference. Now I know why I wasn't getting a good fingerwave - I need to start with a pincurl set.

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