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Big and Tall Suits


Familiar Face
I'm a big guy 6'2" and looking for my first suit. I have gone almost everywhere from Brooks Brothers to Causal Male and Men's Wearhouse.*

What should I look for in a suit? I have a pair of grey slacks and a navy blazer with black dress shoes (I have photos) but feel inadequate when a suit is required such as the case at the shrine ball this past Saturday.*

I am working on getting my insurance license and my boss and fellow Masonic brother says a suit is not needed. Any suggestions?

What about a summer suit? Are there any affordable starter suits or good alternatives?*

Any suggestions for a summer hat styled like a fedora? Something to wear in the Texas heat?

Thank you to everyone I've met and hope to meet here at the fedora lounge!



New in Town
If you have a K&G Fashion Superstore near your area, that is usually a good place to get a good deal on some modern suits in big & tall sizes... you can try goodwill or another thrift store, but you will probably have a hard time finding anything at thrift stores due to lack of Large sizes (I find large sizes but I'm only a 38, so if something is obviously too big for me I don't pay too much attention to it)

As for a summer hat, you can get one here http://www.panamas.biz/100.html for $15 I recently got one and it is a really nice hat. He also sells different styles and qualities of hats (even the cheap ones are good quality). you can spend as much as you want on a hat. He has hats to fit pretty much any budget, so I suggest taking a look through that site and you will probably find something you like.

Big Man

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Nebo, NC
I know what you mean about trying to find a "man's size" suit. I'm 6' -6", 360 lbs and wear an off the rack size 60 extra long. You just can't walk off the street into any clothing store and pick up a suit.

Most quality men's clothing stores, while they probably don't stock bigger sizes, should have sources to get you a larger size suit. However, the style and colors may be limited. The good thing about buying from a quality dealer is you can try the suit on and have them do the alterations.

About six or seven years ago I discovered Ravis Tailors http://www.ravistailor.com/ and have been buying all my suits from them since. They offer a quality product at what I think is a reasonable price, and I can now have a suit that really "fits" me the way I like. Also, I wear almost exclusively a three-piece suit. You just can't find one of those in a store.

I would recommend you go with a charcoal gray suit in a lighter weight wool. The charcoal gray is a color that works for everything from business to church to weddings to funerals to evenings out at a nice restaurant. If I could have only one suit, it would be a charcoal gray.

As to hats, I like a felt hat. I don't buy into the "it's too hot to wear felt" line of thinking. Nothing wrong with straw, but I just like the look of a felt with a suit.


Familiar Face
I'm 6'4" 230 lbs. I feel your pain.

I use Magnoli and have been mostly happy. My last two suits have had a small issue with fit. But that's a limitation of MTM over the internet.

I started like you. Navy blazer, gray pants. Next go for a dark blue suit and/or charcoal gray. As a taller guy double breasted would suit you well. Chain stores don't tend to carry those. I work in an office that regularly gets young guys who've never worn suits before. I surprise them when I tell them that I get a lot of good suits on Ebay. Get good measurements of yourself nad order close to your size then have the suits altered at your local seamstress shop. The majority of people out there buy suits from JC Penney or Dillards that are too big and they don't alter them. You can always spot them. The pants and sleeves are too long.

If youre like me I have big feet and I regularly get large size Johnston and Murphy and Allen Edmonds shoes for around 100 new. Good shoes with leather soles will set you apart from the crowd.