Bill Kelso Dubow 27798 Seal Liberty horsehide Size 42 Long F/S - New with tags

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    Bill Kelso Dubow 27798 size 42 Long F/S - New with tags.
    The jacket was received just before Xmas and was only tried on for fit and photos. Still retains tags, certificates and packaging.

    Seal Liberty horsehide is a gorgeous chocolatey mid brown, with lots of grain and character. Olive drab thread, new 100% wool brown knit (this is slightly darker brown to the std medium brown, and matches the seal hide beautifully)...

    This is a 42 long (approx an inch added to sleeves and body)
    I'm 5'11 72kgs athletic
    Measures approx...
    Shoulders - 17.75"
    Back length - 25.5"
    Sleeves - 26”
    Pit to pit F - 22”
    Pit to pit B - 22”
    Zipper - 23”

    What more can be said… Can’t fault it at all. Very well made, top quality original-maker repro. Top-tier for sure!

    Reason for selling is that I have another BK Dubow, exactly the same, but slightly longer by half an inch to accommodate my long arms. I also have one of Platon’s Dubows and a BK RW 23380.
    These go for £770 with 4 months wait time, I want £600 no less (plus postage)… you SAVE £160. May collect if in Central London.

    Edit: Paypal Family & Friends or EFT if in UK

    BKDubow2779842 1.JPG
    BKDubow2779842 2.jpg
    BKDubow2779842 a.jpg
    BKDubow2779842 b copy.jpg
    BKDubow2779842 d.JPG
    BKDubow2779842 e.JPG
    BK knits_usaaf_100percent_wool_colors.jpg
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    Top tier A-2 by all means, GLWTS Brett!
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