Black Aero FQHH Teamster, 40 (fits like 42) USD $650 Delivered

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by dan_t, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. dan_t

    dan_t Practically Family

    Sydney, Australia
    Hi all,

    Black Aero FQHH Teamster, size 40 (fits like a 42), USD $650 DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR

    I have this fantastic Aero Teamster that pure & simply does not get worn.
    It has been well loved in it's life, yet has many, many years left in its future.

    The FQHH on this one is soft & very pliable & is actually very comfortable to wear as a result. PLUS it has some INCREDIBLE grain.

    The lining is in an excellent condition and has a corduroy hem for added durability.

    There are two inner pockets, the one on the left lapel has a button closure and the one on the right side has a zip closure.

    All buttons are present & in great condition too.

    The price INCLUDES shipping, insurance and tracking right to your door.

    This is a very solid, heavy duty jacket, just begging for someone in a colder climate to take ownership.

    Measurements (approx);
    Size 40 (based on the 1950's generous patterns)
    Pit 2 Pit; 24"
    Shoulders; 19"
    Back; 31"
    Sleeves; 26"

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Teamster.jpg Teamster-2.jpg Teamster-3.jpg Teamster-6.jpg Teamster-7.jpg Teamster-8.jpg Teamster-9.jpg Teamster-10.jpg Teamster-11.jpg Teamster-12.jpg
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  2. GW KY

    GW KY A-List Customer

    That kicks ass
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  3. GW KY

    GW KY A-List Customer

    Anyone interested
    I am 6'1 195 and usually a standard 42

    I wear the teamster in 40 as an awesome longer winter coat and layer under it.

    A great change from the cropped, tight look and has a killer old school look and feel.

    Love the teamster
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  4. Jsparks49

    Jsparks49 New in Town

    Hi. Is the teamster still available?? Do you go through PayPal? Would you take $550 f&f through PayPal (risky as it may be)?

  5. dan_t

    dan_t Practically Family

    Sydney, Australia
    Sold, pending funds.
    Will confirm once 100% settled.

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