Borsalino "Amiata" size 4 1/2 56 cm. US 7

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  1. Daniele Tanto

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    Verona - Italia
    A classic Borsalino made in the sixties for the Italian market
    Amiata56 2.jpg
    Borsalino "Amiata" with matching ribbon sold in Castevetrano - Sicilia
    Amiata56 3.jpg
    The dimensions are as follows, raw brim at 6.5 cm. the open crown is 12 cm. and the ribbon is 4 cm high.
    Amiata56 1.jpg
    The hat is used and has been professionally cleaned. Traces of oilskin remain on the upper part of the inner crown
    Amiata56 Interno.jpg
    The hat has no defects, no moth marks.
    This is the internal label for lovers of dating Borsalino hats
    Amiata 6.jpg
    The felt is of medium weight and a little stiff, the color is the splendid "Amiata" with ribbon of the same color with a generous bow Amiata56 4.jpg
    The asking price is $ 90
    Ask for the cost of the shipment which varies according to the destination country and the weight of the package. I'm available for more photos or details, please email me
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