Borsalino brown fedora size 7 1/4

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by deadlyhandsome, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. deadlyhandsome

    deadlyhandsome I'll Lock Up

    Central California
    For sale:

    3D9ECBD6-758E-47CE-BCB9-815A76D8ACF5.jpeg BEAB04FB-F77D-4D35-8272-A98A5736EB21.jpeg 8FA00FDF-70FF-4FE9-BD02-636D81688BD9.jpeg 6644E0E0-BE04-425C-B7F4-E9B1ADC936D5.jpeg 7D2242C8-0874-4D6C-AA3A-160B8FD1D16F.jpeg 6B52009E-9FC2-49B4-88EB-AEA32E5C1F3B.jpeg E3C6D043-B85A-4870-9115-15C2F6BD7835.jpeg 6FDB1411-32FF-4221-A829-15B58E165726.jpeg 77E73460-0D3E-4859-AC1B-CEC397BCE950.jpeg 7630E8EA-8858-4E87-9DC2-DA7FE2E06E89.jpeg

    $60 shipped contiguous US. Send me a PM if you’re interested or have questions.
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